Monday, October 4, 2010




Buddy is currently in a no kill shelter and is looking for
either a foster or adoptive home.
Buddy's former owners kept him outside, alone,
and did not feed him regularly.
He is a very skinny 70 lbs right now but the shelter
is trying hard to put some weight back on him.
He may not gain much weight, though,  being in the stressful environment of a shelter.

Buddy would LOVE to have a home to call his own.
Even a foster home would help!
He is friendly with people
and is good with other dogs.

Buddy is also good with children.
The shelter reports that he LOVES kids.
He knows basic commands
and walks well on leash too.

let us know if you might be interested
in fostering or adopting
Please email Carleen for more information.

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