Monday, November 1, 2010


I posted last week about a dog in a South Carolina shelter.
We named him "Erol" which means "brave" in Turkish.

Erol was moved to a foster home on Friday.
His foster mom was worried about him bc he wouldn't stand up
or walk for more than a few steps and he was barely drinking any water.
Erol went to the vet today and we found out that he is a very sick boy.

He tested positive for heartworm and also positive for anaplasmosis,
a tick borne disease.
He has giardia as well and is very dehydrated on top of being severely
He looks like a very old dog but the vet says he is between 18-24 months.
He has a couple of broken teeth but they're clean with no tartar.
Erol is spending the night at the vet clinic on IV fluids.
We are not sure if he will pull through but we will do all we can
to save him.

Please keep Erol in your thoughts and prayers!
I will update more later, hopefully, with better news.

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