Monday, November 15, 2010


A little update on Erol, the sick and abused/neglected dog we pulled from a kill shelter
in South Carolina.

A huge thank you to all of the people that have donated
items and funds for Erol's care.
He has had several orders of food donated as well as
two dog beds and gift cards to foster mom for his care.

He is doing better, little by little but he still has a long road ahead of him.
He has no interest in getting up and walking around but he is eating well
so we are hopeful his strength is improving.
He's still not drinking a lot but foster mom provides liquid with each meal
to help him stay hydrated.

Nearly all of his teeth are broken at the gum line.
He does have a couple of his back teeth and part of one of his
canine teeth is intact.
Heaven only knows what this boy has been through.
He's afraid of men but is comfortable with letting
ladies pet him and handle him.

As he regains his strength we would LOVE to be able
to move him into a foster (or adoptive) home
where he will have more one on one attention and be
in more of a home setting.
His current foster mom is providing good care but he's not in
a home setting.

Thank you to everyone for the prayers and well wishes
as well as everyone that has donated to his care.
I will continue to keep you all updated on his progress.

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