Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Adventures of Ayla

Back in June of this year we took in a litter of new born pups
just days after they were born.
The pups have all been adopted now and I wanted to share
a letter I received the other day from Karin, who adopted Ayla,
one of the female pups from this litter.
I enjoyed it so much I thought you all would enjoy it too.

she's a gutsy girl, stubborn as all get-out, funnier than funny and a complete love-muffin!
 She's happy, healthy and extremely talented for such a young dog: in fact,
 i'm considering renting her out to the archeology school at berkeley for excavation duties:
she is VERY good!!!
she also has office skills that i discovered one morning
 when she got up before me to open the mail.
 in addition,
 she a skilled gardener: especially with houseplants: always pruning!
and her construction skills are coming along nicely:
she's very helpful, reports my carpenter who is working on my basement
to finish a room and a bathroom.
(its taking a little longer than anticipated... hmmmm)
short of my favourite (and only) cashmere sox (WAAAAAAAAAAA),
a pair of headphones and a dogbed,
she's not eaten anything (that i know of)
 i attribute this to her extremely active social life:
at least once/day to an off-leash park, aka dog-spa, for a minimum 1 hour hike and full-body mud-mask;
 in addition to 2 shorter walks per day,
going to work with me at least 2/week and
 going for 2+ hr hikes with my friend tanja and her pack
 (min. 8 shepherds) 2/week.
of course on weekends we do 'special' outings with other dogfriends,
for example getting completely lost in redwood park with jackie and oz (her brother)
 and turning one-hr outings into 3 hr ones
so that's the status here.



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