Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Osha is a 5 yo spayed pure bred Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
Her owners have had many changes in their lives recently
 and feel Osha would do better in a different home.
They no longer have a fenced yard for her and she is not happy
to be inside or on a runner all the time.

Osha is a beautiful girl and is in good health.  She weighs appx 95 lbs.
She gets along with both male and female dogs
but does prefer to be the boss dog.
She is good with small dogs and good with cats also,
however she doesn't like to share her food with the kitties.

Osha is good with children and has been raised with them
all her life.
She is housebroken, walks on lead and knows basic commands.
Osha would be happiest with a family that allows her
to be a valued family member and let her indoors and take her on walks.

Please email Carleen for more information 
about adopting Osha

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