Sunday, January 16, 2011


This is Salty Dog.
She was 9 yrs old when she came into rescue back in 2005.
Her owners went on vacation and left her in a boarding kennel.....
but they never came back.
Salty spent a whole year at the kennel before she came into rescue.
She had the cards stacked against her for adoption
since she was already a senior dog
and had epilepsy too.

Luckily for Salty, she had a wonderful foster mom, Amy,
who took great care of her and decided to adopt her.
Salty is older and slower but is still loving life
and doing quite well for a 14 year old dog.
Kudos to Amy for all she has done for Salty.
And kudos to Salty for living up to her name
and being a true survivor

This was Salty's original Petfinder picture in 2005

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