Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Erol continues to recover from his bout of
Coonhound Paralysis.
He is able to get up and walk on his own now.
He's a little wobbly going down the stairs as
his back end is still weak.
He can walk on his own, though,
and goes up the stairs unassisted as well.
He feels more comfortable being outside when its dark
so last night he took a tour
of the front yard after the sun went down.

He still spends most of his time sleeping
and his cough is more frequent,
due to the heartworms.
We are hoping to have an appt
for him with a specialist next week
to do an ultrasound on his heart.
This will let us know whether or not
he is strong enough for the
immiticide treatment to kill the heartworms.

I post most of Erol's updates on
his facebook page

Please help us spread Erol's story
and help make people aware
of the dog fighting and animal abuse
going on in Laurens County South Carolina.
Erol is safe now but there are hundreds of dogs
just like him who are still suffering
and being abused.

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