Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Tails Update

Just two months ago Ben was in a cold and scary shelter
facing euthanasia.
NASRN would not have even known he was there
if it hadn't been for a volunteer scanning the shelter pictures
and sending us the information on him.
Who would have known that volunteer
would end up being not only Ben's Rescue Angel
but also his new mom as well.

Kate drove 6 hours round trip to get Ben
out of the shelter and, after fostering him for a bit,
she and her family decided that they just couldn't bear
to give him up.

Ben has put on some much needed weight and
is starting to relax and feel like he is really home now.
He even plays and acts silly now and then.

Here are some pictures of Ben enjoying life
on the beach and at home with his new family.

"Ben at the beach"

Ben's "before" picture.....

Ben's "after" picture, at the beach with his new mom, Kate

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