Saturday, April 23, 2011


Its only been a little over a month since we first received word
about this 4 month old puppy in a Houston area shelter.
His family moved in with relatives and couldn't keep  him.
Lucky for Sam there was a local foster home
that was able to take him in and hold on to him
while NASRN worked on a transport to his
foster home in Arkansas.

Sam was lucky enough to hitch a ride
with pilot David Jennings with K9 Airlift.
David flew Sam from Houston to Texarkana
where Sam met up with his foster parents
Norma & Denis.

"Sam & David w/K9 Airlift"

"Sam meets his new dad, Denis, after his plan ride."

Not long after Sam arrived at his foster home
he became sick.  Norma & Denis took him to the vet
& he tested positive for parvo.
Sam spent several days in the doggy hospital
before he was well enough to go back home.
He was lucky that Norma & Denis recognized he was sick
and immediately sought medical care.
Thanks to the wonderful care of his vet and Norma & Denis
Sam is back home and enjoying life.

"Sam checking out "his" horses"

After all they have been through this past month,
Norma & Denis have decided to join the
"Failed Foster Club"
and have made Sam a permanent member of their family.
We are SO happy for Sam!!

"Sam can't decide if he likes water or not!"

Judging from these pictures,
it looks like Sam hit the jackpot!

A huge thank you to all of the volunteers
that helped this pup get out of the shelter
and to his new home in Arkansas:
Thank you:
Tammy for coordinating his shelter release
Janet for temp fostering in Bay City
Michelle for transporting Sam to Houston
David for flying Sam to Texarkana
Juliana, our amazing Transport Director for setting up the transport
Norma & Denis for opening their home to
this sweet pup

Does this look like a happy pup or what??

"Sam gives his dad sloppy puppy kisses"

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