Thursday, June 9, 2011


Gerdie and Goldie are appx 2 1/2 yrs old, spayed female Anatolian Shepherd Dogs.
Their original owner was no longer able to care for them
and they have been in one of our foster homes for a few months.
Unfortunately, their foster mom has become very ill
and is not able to take care of them.
So Goldie and Gerdie are in need of either
a new foster home or an adoptive home.
They will do best if they are able to stay together as they are very bonded.

G&G have been raised with and lived with goats their whole lives.
They are very friendly with people and would easily adapt to being
family companions too.
Gerdie had one of her front legs amputated about a year ago
but she does a good job of getting around as a tri-pawd dog.

Since they are friendly with people and also good with goats,
they would do well in either a family companion home
or a small family farm.

If you are interested in either fostering or adopting these girls
please email Carleen for more info

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