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UPDATE: 6/26/11
Lacy went to the vet last week and sadly she has been diagnosed with bone cancer.
The doctor estimated that she has a few more months to live, however, we
have a consultation scheduled with a homeopathic doctor who specializes in
cancer patients.   He has worked with another NASRN rescue dog, Keeta.
Keeta was also diagnosed with cancer and given a few months to live, however,
since she has been treated with Dr. Loops' homeopathic remedies, she
is still going strong appx 18 months later!
Dr. Loops has been kind enough to work with us on costs and we are extremely
grateful for that.

Please keep Lacy in your thoughts and prayers.
We are hoping she might be as lucky as Keeta and  will still have many happy days
ahead of her. 
Right now she is happy and playful and is loving life in her foster home.

NASRN is having a Dollars for Dogs fundraiser
to raise money to pay for vet bills for Lacy and Amotti.

Lacy, pictured above, was recently pulled from a kill shelter.
Her owner passed away several years ago and after he died
his wife put Lacy in the basement and left her there.  For about 3 yrs.
Lacy lived alone in the darkness with no companionship and no exercise.
She is showing signs of arthritis and she needs xrays so we can determine
her course of treatment.
She also has some fluid filled cysts that need to be tested plus she is on expensive
anti-inflammatory and pain meds for her joint issues.
Lacy's vet bills to date are $670.

Amotti, pictured below, is in need of surgery to remove one of his toes.
His toe has been sore for awhile and despite trips to the vet, e collars &
antibiotics, it just never seems to heal.
So it was xrayed and the dr said he has an infection in the bone and the
toe should be amputated.
Estimated cost of the amputation alone is appx $700.

Our goal for this fundraiser is $1370.
You can either donate via pay pal at the link below or you
can mail a check to the address below.

or mail a check to
PO Box 13667
Mesa, AZ  85216

NASRN is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization
and your donations are tax deductible.
As a 501(c)(3) group we do not have any paid staff
or other administrative overhead so all of our funds
go directly to the dogs.

Thanks so much for any help!
No donation is too small
it all adds up and we are very thankful for your kindness.

Please email Carleen with any questions


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