Sunday, June 12, 2011


UPDATE 6/13/11:
Rusty's owners are going to try to work
with a trainer & try to keep him.
Hoping Rusty wont have to move again!

This poor dog has been bounced around from one person to another and he is SO badly just wants a family that will love him and not kick him out again.

He was first turned into a shelter bc his owner didnt have time for him and the other dogs in the home.
After that he was transported 1,000 miles to a woman we all thought would be his "forever home".
Too bad for Rusty, though, because his supposed new owner didnt like the way he looked.
So she sent him all the way back to OH right after she got him.
Rusty traveled 2,000 miles for "nothing" and was kicked to the curb just because she didnt like the way he looked.

Rusty was understandably stressed out after all of this unrest and turmoil in his life and his foster parents were not able to take care of him anymore either.
So then Rusty went to a boarding kennel and was adopted to yet another person, only to be kicked out again without them ever giving him a chance.

Rusty Is a great dog!!! He just needs some stability in his life and someone to give him some TLC.
He is good with dogs and friendly with people. He is such a wonderful dog and has so much to offer......if someone would just give him a chance and stop shoving him out the door.
This is Rusty's bio:

Rusty is a 1 yo male Anatolian Shepherd Dog mix. He is very sweet natured and friendly. Rusty is great with people and friendly with other dogs. He will make a wonderful companion dog and family guardian.

We will help with transport within appx 1,000 miles.

Please contact Carleen for more info

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