Monday, June 20, 2011


Sandee is a 9 month old female Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
She was just pulled from a kill shelter where she was slated for euthanasia.
Sandee's owner's boyfriend told her he gave her away to a friend
but in reality he drove her somewhere and turned her loose.
She ended up in the kill shelter.

Sandee is friendly with people and kids.  She is also good with other dogs
and seems to be good with cats.
She is housebroken and walks on leash.
She is still very much a puppy.
Unfortunately she is "extremely" skinny and could really use
some good food in her tummy.

Sandee is in need of a foster or
adoptive home ASAP
We will always do our best to help with transport
within appx 1000 miles.

For more info please contact Janna

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