Monday, July 25, 2011


Guthrie is a 13 month old male
Anatolian or Anatolian x Great Pyrenees cross
He was turned into the shelter because his owner said
he wanted to be with people more than his goats.
He didnt want a pet dog so he dumped him in a kill shelter.

Luckily, a very nice person pulled him from the shelter even though
she is in TN on vacation (she lives in Houston).
So she is taking care of Guthrie right now while she is on vacation
but she can only hold on to him for about ten more days.

He is being neutered and vetted this week.
He is about 28 inches at the shoulders but we dont have a weight on him yet.
He is eager to please, intelligent and loving.
He very much wants to be in the house and be a part of the family.
He is good with female dogs, has not been tested with male dogs or cats yet.

We are looking for either a foster or adoptive home ASAP
We will always do our best to help with transport!!
Please email Carleen for more info

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