Sunday, July 17, 2011


Jefferson ended up in a shelter back in November of last year.
He has been in foster care ever since but this weekend
"Jeffie" was transported to his new home in Florida.
He had a long trip with a week's layover in Nashville
but he was a real trooper and took it all in stride.

I don't know if anyone is aware of how many people are involved
in the process of caring for a rescue dog, finding the right home for him/her
and then getting him/her to their new family.
It takes a lot of time and so many people are involved.
Each person is a volunteer who is paid purely by the joy of knowing
that their effort helped this dog get out of the shelter and into a loving home.

I'd like to take a minute to thank all of our "Angels",
 which is what we call our Adoption Coordinators,
for all the time spent looking for just the right home,
not only for Jeffie, but for all of our dogs.

Special thanks to Jeffie's foster mom, Janice,
for taking such good care of him all this time.
A huge thank you to all of the transport drivers
who carried him on his journey and
a very big thank you to Juliana, our tireless
Transport Extraordinaire
for putting this all together.
We would also like to thank Robin at
in Lancassas TN
for being such a gracious hostess to so many of our dogs
on their transport.

And last but not least,
a big thanks to Jeffie's new family for opening
their home to him and for driving such a long way
to pick him up.

Thanks everyone!!
You're awesome!!

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