Monday, August 1, 2011

Guthrie OK
Sargent's owner died in May of this year.  His owner's family
did not want him or his lifelong companion, a female Pyrenees.
Pyr rescue took the female and we took Sargent. 
Sargent is good with female dogs, we have not tested him with male dogs.
He is very sweet and friendly with people.
He is appx 4-5 yrs old, neutered and current on shots.
He keeps his kennel clean so we think he is housebroken.


Ruby is about 3 yrs old, she is sweet, friendly and
is looking for a foster or adoptive home.
She was pulled from a kill shelter after being found as a stray.
Her companion was adopted so now she is alone at the boarding kennel.
Ruby is good with other dogs and kids and is very friendly.
She is clean in her kennel and seems to be housebroken,
calm, walks nicely on leash!!


Kyz is a 7 yo spayed female red fawn Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
Her owners moved and decided they no longer wanted her or their male Anatolian, Target.
Again, we had no foster homes and she was threatening to take them to a shelter
so Kyz and Target are now in a boarding kennel too.

Kyz is probably in the worst shape of these three dogs, meaning
she is extremely distraught, confused and depressed.
We are very worried about her health and mental well being.
Her whole world has been turned upside down and she is
in pitiful shape.
Kyz is great with kids, friendly with people and good with other dogs.
She is housebroken and walks on leash.
A loving foster or adoptive home would be
SO wonderful for Kyz!
She is mellow and sweet, but oh-so-sad


Target came from the same home as Kyz and was dumped for the same reason.
No reason, really, its just that the dogs became an inconvenience for the family.
Target has infections in both of his ears and his owner said she was
"tired of him and his ears".
As if he purposely got his ears infected just to make her mad!
He is going to the vet this week for meds so he can start feeling better again.

                                          Target is confused, sad and depressed as well.
As with Kyz and Sargent, his world has been tuned upside down.
He is good with kids, friendly with people, good with other dogs.
housebroken, knows basic commands and walks on leash.
Target is 5 yrs old, neutered and current on shots.

share this with family, friends, co-workers,.....
anyone that might be interested in fostering or adopting
one of these wonderful dogs
who have been found themselves homeless and alone.

For more info
please email Carleen

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