Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Do you love dogs? 
Wait, better yet, do you love Anatolians?
Do you like to hop in the car and take a short road trip now and then?
If so you may have the opportunity to combine your love of Anatolians
with your fondness of travel, "plus" being able to help a dog in need
all at the same time.

As many of you know, NASRN has relay transports running almost every weekend.
Almost all of our adoptions are long distance adoptions
so transports play a huge role in getting our dogs adopted and also sometimes to foster care.

We are in need of volunteer drivers to help these
dogs get to their foster or adoptive homes.

This is the way a relay transport works:
Our very talented Transport Coordinators,
Juliana Lipe and Beth Goldowitz,
plot the route in which the dog is going to travel to it's destination.
The trip is then broken down into "legs" or increments of
appx 50-100 miles.
They then send out the transport request to volunteers
that live along the route and also to the various rescue and transport
email lists.

Each driver will do their "leg" and hand the dog off to the next driver
at the pre-arranged time and place.
On average, a transport will have about 7 or 8 legs in one day.
All transports are arranged on the weekends.
The dog usually leaves bright and early on a Saturday morning, and,
depending on the length of the trip, will arrive
to their destination either Sat or Sunday evening.

I almost forgot, you can also write off some of your travel expenses as a donation!!
So, to recap, you will.....
meet some really great Anatolian Shepherd Dogs,
 help an abandoned dog get to its new home
and write some of it off of your taxes.
Doesnt get much better than that! 

Juliana and Beth would like to add your name
to their database!
If this sounds like something you would like to do
please email them at

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