Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Please share and cross post to help Bo and Azar find rescue or a great new home and not have to go back to the shelter.

Azar and Bo -- Bonded lovebugs looking for a new lovenest

Azar (spayed 3-yo female on left) and Bo (neutered 5-yo male on right) are two bonded Anatolian Shepherd Crosses (guessing there is a lot of Great Pyrenees in them) who grew up on a ranch in South Routt County Colorado.

 They are incredibly sweet and loving dogs -- good temperaments toward people and they appear to have been well socialized -- and would like a foster or furever home together. They have been known to chase cars, so need a living situation where they can't engage in that. Bo has some difficulties with his hips due to an old injury, but the shelter put him on Rimadyl and he is doing much better.
The ideal situation for these two would be as family pets with a breed knowledgeable owner who has fenced yard that is higher than 4 ft. (Note -- the current 4 foot fence is not enough and the dogs can jump it, so they will need a taller and/or electric fence.)

If anyone can take these two lovebugs and give them a wonderful home or foster them for a rescue, please contact Jn Zirkel
Be prepared for lots of sloppy wet kisses from these two!

And their photo album here:  CLICK HERE


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