Sunday, January 1, 2012


Back in October 2011, we pulled a very sad, skinny and old looking dog from a shelter
in California.  She looked like she had pretty much given up on life.
Her owner had died and, by the shape she was in,
the owner had not taken good care of Ty for quite a long time.

Since being pulled from the shelter, Ty has had surgery to remove a large cyst on her hip
and she has received a lot of TLC and good food from her foster mom, Beth.
After her surgery, Ty was adopted by her new mom, Cathy.
This is a picture of Ty now.  There's a sparkle in her eye and I really think I can see her smiling.

Ty doesnt even seem like the same dog we found in the shelter.
There's a spring in her step and she loves to play with her new best friend, Lucky Dog.

A huge THANK YOU to all of the folks that helped Ty
have this second chance in life. 

Lets hope 2012 brings many more
to dogs like Ty.

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