Saturday, March 10, 2012



Sammy and his 3 companions were found wandering on their own, 
either abandoned or lost.  
The person who found them has posted fliers far and wide but no one 
seems to be looking for them.
Sammy's companions went to Pyrenees rescue but Sammy is still in need
of a foster home ASAP.

Sammy is a young adult male, appx 12 months old.  He is very sweet and friendly 
with people as you can see in his pictures.
He was very tolerant with the 3 younger dogs he was traveling with, 
allowing them to climb all over him, etc.

Sammy seems to be in pretty decent shape physically
and he really has a super temperament.

The kennel we usually use to board dogs is full for the next few weeks 
so we have nowhere to send him.

Please let us know if you might be able to foster Sammy!
We will always do our best to help with transport within
appx 1000 miles.

For more info please email Janna

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