Saturday, March 10, 2012

 Elvis Goes To School!

Back in 2008 "Elvis", an Anatolian Shepherd Dog,
 was adopted by Jim Hart and his family in Rockford IL.
He is a super friendly boy and a wonderful "Goodwill Ambassador" 
for the breed.

Last week Elvis had the opportunity to go to school and visit some grade school children
who were learning about dogs and cats.

The kids were able to interact with Elvis and he got lots of hugs and petting.
Jim talked with the kids about Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, 
where they are from and what kinds of jobs they have.

 Jim and Elvis also took this opportunity to talk to the kids
about responsible pet ownership and how dogs end up homeless 
and in shelters.

After a Q & A the kids all had the chance to give Elvis a hug
and thank him for visiting them.

The visit was a big hit, of course.  
Who can resist a big ole' gentle giant named Elvis?
Great job, Jim and Elvis.  Its never too early to learn 
how to be a responsible pet owner and how rewarding it can be
to adopt a homeless dog in need.

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