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NASRN is sending out a plea for foster homes!!   The most desperate dogs right now are in the Dallas Fort Worth TX area but if you live within appx 1000 miles of these dogs or any dogs, anywhere, we will always do our best to help with transport.

  We are currently paying to board nine dogs in this area right now.  The kennel is full for the next couple of weeks due to spring break so we are hoping there won't be any dogs on death row in a shelter because, quite frankly, we would have nowhere to send them.

We have absolutely "no" foster homes in the state of Texas.  None.  Zip. Nada.  
Considering most of our rescue dogs come from Texas, this is not a good thing!!
The only way we are able to save dogs in Texas is by paying to board them.  Unfortunately, adoptions are way down so some of them have been in boarding for months and months.
For example, Trapper, pictured above, has been in the boarding kennel since October!

We are desperate, people.  We can only board so many dogs and we're just about at that saturation point right now.

Many people ask what is involved in fostering so here are a few of the most common FAQ:

How does fostering work? 
Fostering is just like adopting, only its short term.  We ask the foster parents to treat their foster dog as if it were their own.  Lot's of TLC, of course, and if the dog is lacking in skills such as basic commands or walking on leash, and you are able to help teach these things, it will help boost the dog's "adopt-ability factor".

Does the foster parent have to help find a home for the dog?
No.  We will do that but if you want to post adopt-me fliers at your local Petsmart, Petco, vet, etc, we will help you do that.  But the foster parent is not responsible for finding a home for their foster dog.
When we have an application for the foster dog we will contact the foster parent and ask if they think it might be a good match.  Since the foster parent knows the dog first hand, we always want to know what they think.

How do I become a foster parent?
Applying to foster is the same as applying to adopt.  The first thing would be to fill out an application.  You can have an application automatically sent to you if you send a blank email to:

From there you will work with one of our Rescue Coordinators to find a dog that is a good match for you and is within transport distance.  Even if there isn't a dog near you right now, you can always apply and do the paperwork so when there "is" a dog nearby, you will be all set to foster!

Who pays the bills?   
NASRN covers all vet bills providing the foster parent notifies us ahead of time.  Most foster families pay for dog food but if need be we can help with that too.

What if the foster wants to adopt the dog?  
That happens a lot, actually, which is good and bad.  Its good because Doggy has a loving home but its bad because then we usually lose a foster home.   We usually give the foster parents first choice to adopt if they choose to do so.

Please help us spread the word!  Cross posting is appreciated!  We are in desperate need of help.
For more information on fostering or adopting please email Carleen at

The following dogs are all in need of foster homes.  They are all in boarding kennels.  Even though they are not facing euthanasia, they are still sitting alone, day after day, month after month, in a small, lonely concrete room.  All of them are in Texas with the exception of Sara, she is in Georgia.

Click on their names for more info and pics

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