Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ranger's Mug Shot, NJ shelter, December 2009


This is what Ranger looked like in December 2009 when he found himself incarcerated at a shelter in New Jersey.  He was scared, skittish and was growling at people.  Let's just say he "didn't show well".   Things like that will get a dog killed really fast in a shelter.  Ranger was one of the lucky ones, though, and he walked out of the shelter and into what turned out to be his new home.

Ranger on his transport from the shelter to his new home

Things were kind of rocky at first while he adjusted to his new surroundings but Kate and Jeff were patient and helped him to find his self confidence and start to enjoy his new life.  No one knows where Ranger came from or what kind of life he previously led but we do know that he has blossomed into a true "Gentle Giant". 

 Here he is getting acquainted with a lamb at the feed store.  His mom says he lights up like a Christmas tree every time he sees the lamb.

 He now loves in CT with his mom and dad, Kate and Jeff, his brother Roscoe and his little kitty sister Lily Bug.

Here are some pictures of Ranger enjoying life!

 Ranger saying hello to his new kitty sister Lily

Here is Ranger being a gentleman.  Ladies always eat first!

This is Ranger doing his impression of the Easter Bunny

What does a guy have to do to get some sleep around here?

Here is Ranger resting after a hard day's work.  A huge thank you to Kate and Jeff for opening their home to this boy and giving him a second chance in life.
Special thanks to THORNE for first telling us about Ranger's plight in the New Jersey shelter.


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