Monday, April 30, 2012

"Sam and Diesel"

~~~Happy Tails~~~


About two and a half years ago someone in Abilene TX dumped their two Anatolian Shepherd Dogs at the shelter because they were moving.   That turned out to be the beginning of Sam and Lilly's great adventure.
As many of you know, since being unceremoniously ditched in the shelter, they traveled more than 3,200  miles on a record breaking, all volunteer transport, and  now reside in beautiful Rosedale British Columbia with their mom and dad, Sheri and Laurie.

Sam and Lily  recently welcomed a new baby to their extended family.  Little Diesel is a Chihuahua puppy who weighs a whopping 1 pound!   When Diesel first came through the door, Miss Lily was beside herself with glee. Lily greeted Diesel with smiles and tail wags and immediately laid down to get acquainted with him.  Lily lets little Diesel climb all over her and do whatever he likes. 

As you can see, the little guy adores Lily and likes to snuggle up with her for nap time.
He isnt much bigger than her paw but Lily is very careful and gentle with him.

Sam is very good with Diesel too and is very careful to not step on the little guy.

Diesel is a lucky little boy to have such loving guardians. 

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