Tuesday, April 3, 2012



Thunder is a spectacular one year old Anatolian Shepherd who already weighs 99Lbs. Thunder was rescued from a high kill shelter after he was surrendered by his owner. 
Thunder has a congenital deformity of his rear legs which may have been exacerbated by confinement in a cage that was too small for him. 

His infirmity doesn’t seem to be an issue for him though. Thunder gets around just fine, and loves to play and prance about with anyone he can coax into playing with him.
He has actually shown some improvement in movement and muscle tone since he has been in foster care.  We think he was possibly confined a lot in his previous home and that may have contributed to his deformity.
Thunder, however, doesn't know that his legs look funky.  He is a very very happy boy who absolutely loves life and is the most affectionate Anatolian his foster mom has ever had the pleasure of knowing.

 He loves to cuddle, and easily makes friends. All Thunder has to do is throw his big loving eyes on you, and then next thing you know you’re smiling, cuddling, and ready for fun.
Thunder is a very big boy and is still growing.  He is also very strong and will need an owner that is able to work with him on leash manners and basic obedience. 
He is like a giant sized, super, duper, happy, silly and lovable puppy!
Don't let his funky looking legs fool you, because he gets around just as well as any "normal" looking dog.  

For more info on Thunder please email Carleen

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