Friday, April 13, 2012


Raine made the two hour trip to Jacksonville FL yesterday to visit with Dr. Kevin Drygas, an orthopedic specialist.  Dr. Drygas xrayed Raine again and after further and more thorough examination, Dr. Drygas
has made a determination for a new treatment plan for Miss Raine.
About Dr. Kevin Drygas

Dr. Drygas has determined that Raine is a unique case due to the unusual nature of her injury and the misalignment of her bones.  After meeting Raine in person and performing a detailed and thorough examination, he said if Raine were his dog, he would opt for a less invasive treatment plan.  He has recommended that Raine be fitted with a custom made brace from Ortho Pets
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Raine will need to be seen by her regular vet to have more xrays and a cast or molding made so she will have the personalized and custom fit needed for her new brace.
The estimated cost for the brace will be between $700-$1000 according to Dr. Drygas.
We are waiting for an estimate on xrays and casting/molding from Raine's regular vet.  He is out of the office today but we hope to have the information within a few days.

One other thing has popped up.  Raine has lost 12 pounds and is lighter than we would like her to be right now.   We plan to have a complete blood work up done on her to see exactly what is going on with her.

I have to say this all came as a huge surprise to me when Dr. Drygas changed Raine's treatment plan but I have faith in his evaluation and recommendation since he is a specialist in his field.
He did say there is still a chance Raine may have to have the surgery if she will not tolerate the brace.
The brace will not "fix" Raine's injury, however, it will allow her to be able to walk in a normal way.
He is concerned that, due to the unusual nature of Raine's injury, she may need not just one surgery but possibly 2 or 3.  As he said, once he does the surgery, he can't go back, and thought it would be in Raine's best interest to try the custom brace and see if it can give her a better quality of life.  Dr. Drygas also promised that if Raine does end up needing surgery, he will deduct the cost of her brace off the price of the surgery.
 He also that she is not in a lot of pain, and that it looks more painful that it probably is.

We have done a lot of fundraising over the last few weeks to collect money for Raine's surgery and now that her treatment plan has been changed we feel its only fair to offer a refund to anyone that wants one.
While Raine will still have some expenses ahead, it will not be as much as we previously thought.

Raine's Expenses/Estimates:

Visit with Dr. Drygas:              $400
Custom Brace:            $700-$1000
 Casting                        $150-$300
 Xrays                          $150-$300
 blood work                 $150-$300

The costs on casting, xrays and blood work are ball park estimates right now.  We hope to have a more accurate amount by early next week.
The new treatment plan could still run around $2,000 or possibly more, just depending on what the actual final costs will be.

I will continue to post updates on Raine and how things progress.
Again, if anyone would like us to refund their donations since her treatment plan has changed, we would be happy to do so.
Just email Carleen

Thank you all for the kindness, concern and generosity for Miss Raine.  Words cannot convey our gratitude and none of this would have ever been possible without your help.

"How beautiful a day can be, when kindness touches it!"
George Elliston

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