Wednesday, July 18, 2012


These pictures were taken of Koda about 3 weeks ago when he was dumped at the shelter for killing chickens.

Although he did not realize it at the time, this was the day that changed his life.......for the better!

Koda is a 9 month old Anatolian Shepherd x Maremma Sheepdog cross.  He was purchased as a puppy to be a livestock guardian dog.  His first owner said he was good with their goats and chickens but they had four other male dogs and poor Koda was continually being beaten up.
So the owner decided to give him to someone that wanted a guardian for their chickens.

The new owner said Koda wouldnt stay home and kept escaping.  His male dog beat up on Koda, too, so maybe that had something to do with it.  The new owner decided to stop feeding Koda and hoped he would leave and just not come back.

Apparently this idea didn't work well because when Koda got hungry he did what he had to do to survive and he ate a chicken.   Well, the owner became even more mad at Koda and continued to withhold food.
Koda got sick and one of the neighbors called animal control.  Thats when the "owner" decided to just give Koda to AC and be done with him.

NASRN received word from a shelter volunteer that Koda needed help to get out of the shelter so we made arrangements to pull him and have him vetted.   It turned out that Koda really was sick.....he was loaded with hookworms and whipworms plus seemed to have a pretty bad upper respiratory infection as well.

He spent a week or so at the vet clinic recuperating and receiving IV fluids.....and then his new dad drove down from South Carolina to pick him up.  Soon Koda found himself on the road, making a fresh new start and leaving the past behind him.

Koda's new dad says Koda adores his plus green alligator toy and treats it with great care and kindness.  He's also figured out that Kong toys are fun and that air conditioning and dog beds are absolutely wonderful.

We would like to thank Stephanie Blanton, one of NASRN's newest Rescue Coordinators,  for all of her hard work  putting all the plans in place for Koda to be pulled from the shelter, vetted and then adopted.
Great job Stephanie!!

A big thanks to Koda's new dad, Joe, for opening his home and heart to this big guy and for making the ten hour round trip drive to bring him home.

Koda is one of the lucky ones!!   
He made it out alive.
Please spread the word to family and friends and anyone else that will listen......   

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