Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Jerry's shelter picture"


Jerry is a 4 year old Great Pyrenees/Kommondor mix who had lived most of his life on the end of a chain in Kentucky.  He escaped repeatedly but was always given back to his owner even though it was obvious that he was not well cared for.
Finally, the owner decided to let Jerry go and he was impounded at the local shelter.
The picture above is how he looked when he was in the shelter.
As you can see, he was in pretty bad shape which is why we were moved to help him even though he wasn't an Anatolian.   One of our most dedicated foster moms, Jody Shaw, stepped up to take him and that set the wheels in motion for Jerry to begin his journey to a better life.

With the help of volunteers Jerry was transported to Ohio for some much needed attention, where Jody fostered him and made sure he was attended to medically. Fast forward a year and look at Jerry now, after six months at Jody’s retreat he was adopted by the Hart Family in Rockford IL. He now lives with his new family in Rockford, Illinois.

Adjusting to his new home didn’t take long. Jerry now has 3 other brothers to chase and play with, two of which were NASRN rescues as well. Jerry now lives a life of leisure, frolicking in his backyard & chasing his brothers and those pesky squirrels. When not running around the back yard he loves all the attention he deserves and is a huge “Lap Dog”. 

He’s got it so GOOD now! Recently Jerry was groomed and received a cute  Puppy cut for summer- look how well he is doing now… 

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