Friday, October 12, 2012




Blondie is a beautiful 1 year old spayed female Anatolian Shepherd Dog.  She is good with other dogs and is very friendly with people.  She is housebroken and knows basic commands. Blondie stands 29 inches at the shoulder and weighs 95 lbs
Blondie is the biggest sweetheart!  She doesn’t have an ounce of aggression in her beautiful body.  She gets along very well with the two Anatolian males in her foster home, and has adapted to the three cats as well.  She loves going for her morning jog and then loves to romp outside in the fenced in yard with her buds.  Blondie knows the basic commands and although she needs to be supervised indoors she listens very attentively. She would do very well in a household with another large dog and lots of exercise and attention.  Blondie becomes very attached to her people and would make a loyal, loving, companion.

Please email for more information NASRN@NASRN.COM

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