Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Featured Picture today is "Ben". Ben was one of the first dogs that NASRN took in. He was seized in an abuse case in New York. His owners kept Ben chained and didn't feed him. When he first came to the shelter he had nothing but gravel in his stomach.
Ben was adopted by Brent Deitrich and family and he became a very loyal guardian dog to the Deitrich family and to their goats. Sadly, Ben passed away earlier this year.....we were never sure of his exact age but our best estimate would put Ben around 12 yrs old when he passed away. I was very sad to hear of Ben's passing but I know the years he spent with the Deitrich family were the very best years of his life.
I know it's not Thanksgiving yet, but right now I am "very" thankful and extremely excited b/c Tammy A. just let me know that she found a foster home for Caleb! Caleb has been sitting in a boarding kennel for about a month now and before that, he was in the shelter for several weeks. I am thrilled that he is going to a foster home! He's going to a super foster home, too. Janna just finished fostering Chase and now she has so generously opened her home to Caleb.

THANK YOU JANNA!!! Janna is a special friend to our dogs as she is also a dedicated transport driver. :-) Our dogs are very lucky to have her as their friend.

Updates..........Wonderful news!! Roxy is doing great in her new home!! She's wrestling with Joe, her new Anatolian brother and seems very happy.

An update on "Raider" (fka Brady, one of the OK Ten pups)~~Raider is growing like a weed and having a great time going to the dog park. He also loves to play with his sister, Sadie, who was also adopted from our group.

Raider's litter mate, Daisy, is the last of the OK Ten that isn't adopted yet. Foster mom Karen says Daisy is a little spit fire. She's definitely the most spunky of the bunch.

I also had a wonderful update from Tami in New York.....Tami has a whole pack of adopted Anatolians......Tami writes....

"Our "family" is fine and doing very well. Niko is now almost " grown" and is acting like Boz more and more. Boz has become even more relaxed, and is a true love, whose howl keeps all the wolves away....literally. Jeenie is still a barker, but seems to be more quiet when we put a harness on her and tell her to go work.... go figure. She sits and watches the property and stops barking at her own echo. Rena is still the big teddy bear of a dog, and all the cats love her. Old girl Gretchen adores her dad Steve and is his shadow, whenever he's home. Our little cairn dogs are still going at 16 and 13 and of course our last edition....little Pepper, and Niko's little sidekick is always hanging with the boys; All dogs love each other and we are truly a cohesive pack."

It's good to hear that everyone is doing so well! Tami's rescues came from all parts of the country....Boz, fka "Bosco", was dumped at a shelter in TN by a farmer who sold his farm; Jeenie came from a shelter in Louisiana; Rena came from a shelter in Iowa; Gretchen came from a shelter in New York and Niko and his siblings were actually born in a shelter in New York.

I guess that's about all for now.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Stay safe!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good morning!

Featured dog.....this is a picture of "Jake", who used to be "Joey". He and his 2 brothers were pulled from a Kentucky kill shelter last year. They were all fostered in OH w/Jody Shaw.

This is Jake w/his new owner, Sherri. He now lives in Florida and is Sherri's constant companion. She takes Jake everywhere she goes....road trips, the beach, you name it, he's there! Jake had been adopted by someone else last year and that lasted less than 24 hours. Jake chewed up part of their couch so they drove him back to Ohio. I guess Jake must have known that Sherri was waiting for him. They look like they are best buddies :-)

Updates..........Roxy is out of the boarding kennel and in her new home!!! YAY!! So far she is doing well. First reports have her playing with her new ASD brother and is only mildly interested in the cats. She's learned how to use the doggy door too. We're so happy for Roxy to be in a caring home and getting some TLC that she certainly deserves.

Thank you to all of you that have been worried about her, especially Carol H. :-)

Transports........Juliana reports that Minka and Ramzi, the 2 pups from the GA kill shelter, made it safely to their overnight layover last night. They seem to be weathering the trip fairly well. Ramzi was coughing last week after getting out of the shelter and now it looks as though Minka has picked it up too. Ramzi's been on meds all week and we're going to get more meds for Minka so we're hoping this kennel cough won't turn into anything worse. Keep these two babies in your thoughts, we hope they both feel better soon.

Calendars.......it looks like the calendars have been arriving in mailboxes this week. If anyone forgot to get their order in on time, we did order about 5 extras. If you want to order one, just drop me an email anatolianrescue@yahoo.com

Karen D has had her computer at the "doctor" all week so if anyone has been trying to reach her.....she's not ignoring you!

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend~

Saturday, November 22, 2008

See information below! Essencia makes high quality, luxurious hand made personal care products. Hurry hurry to get your order in before it's too late!. :-)

Just in time for holiday giving, NASRN's latest fundraising opportunity comes to us from ESSENCIA, a company specializing in personal care products created exclusively from high quality botanical ingredients. This unique line of handmade soaps, lotions, creams, balms, scrubs and salts, along with gift baskets and holiday candles and scents, has been carefully formulated, handcrafted and packaged for your use and enjoyment.

ESSENCIA is partnering with NASRN to benefit our rescue dogs by donating 25% of total sales of products purchased by members between November 22nd and December 15th. In addition, members may enter a special promotion code to receive an extra 15% off their purchase total (excluding tax and shipping). Shop for products for skin care, bath, baby, and home, as well as a selection of special gifts for everyone on your list!

Here's how it works: Log on to www.essenciaonline.com and make your selections. After making your purchase, enter NASRN in the discount code box at checkout. You will receive a 15% discount applied to your purchase total, prior to tax and shipping. You may use the code as many times as you'd like between November 22nd and December 15th, 2008. NASRN will receive a donation equal to 25% of your purchase, excluding tax and shipping, at the close of the offer on December 15h.

Do your holiday shopping at a discount at www.essenciaonline.com AND benefit our NASRN rescue dogs, too!

You can also find a link on our website http://www.nasrn.com/Fundraising.htm

Friday, November 21, 2008

TGIF! Not like that means anything, people seem to dump their dogs 7 days a week, even on holidays. :-(
There was a discussion the other day on the support group list about introducing Anatolians to babies, so I thought this was a good picture to post today.
Who says you can't have a baby AND keep your dog???

Transport update.....Juliana has Minka and Ramzi's transport filled! They will be on their way to Jody tomorrow! A special thanks to Juliana and all of the transport drivers for making this happen. With the upcoming holiday, they were going to be booted out of the boarding kennel w/nowhere to go. The volunteers say they are both really sweet pups so hopefully they will be adopted soon! A big thanks to Jody for always being there to help the dogs in need.

Urgent dog update.......ROXY, the senior girl dumped @ the shelter days before her 10th birthday is being ADOPTED!!! We are so, so very excited for her. We are hoping that Roxy behaves with the kitties at her home and hope this will turn out to be a great home for her.

Other urgent dogs remain in need of foster or adoptions. See all of them here: http://nasrn.com/URGENTdogs.htm

Karen D mailed most of the calendars out earlier this week. I will be sending out e mails to the few people that still need to send in their pyts. I hope everyone likes their calendars, they should be arriving soon.
Hope you all have a great weekend. Happy Tails :-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good Morning :-)

Yesterday was a good day...........we received a notice about a beautiful Akbash girl @ a kill shelter in Merced CA. Having no open fosters, we didn't know what to do. Merced is known to have a nasty strain of URI that goes around, in fact one of our babies died from it last year, right after he was pulled. So we knew she was not safe. Karen D had someone in CA asking about her foster pup so she took a chance and called this person to see if she might be interested in helping "Sonja" instead. Next thing I knew, Karen called and said the woman was in her car and driving 3 hrs to get to the shelter before they closed. I received word last night that Sonja was out of the shelter and headed for her new home in northern CA.

Speaking of Karen D.......our 2009 calendars will be shipping to you this week! Karen was stuffing envelopes last night! I'm excited, can't wait to see them.

Our featured picture today is "Max". Max is Hank's brother; Hank was featured the other day w/his little girl, hanging out in her playhouse. Isn't Max handsome? I love his smile. Max weighs almost 70 pounds @ 5 months old. Hard to believe these guys fit in the palm of Linda L's hand this summer when she was bottle feeding them!
Adoptions........It looks like Elvis has been adopted by his foster family, The Harts in Rockford IL. Jim Hart is our fundraising chairman. He and his family adopted Nala last year. We're all happy for Elvis, he's going to have a great life with Jim and his family :-)

Well, I think that's all I have for now. Hope you all have a great day.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Monday :-)

Let's see what's going on today........not a whole lot, really. A few things worth mentioning......

Transports....Juliana is working on a run to move the 2 new pups in Georgia, Ramzi & his sister, Minka, to foster care in OH. Keep an eye out for the transport updates! If you might be able to help be sure to send a note to Juliana. These two babies "must" travel this weekend b/c the kennel does not have room for them over the holiday.

New dogs.....we have a new listing today for a very pretty 1 y/o female in western WA state. Her name is Dawn. I will be posting her to the lists soon.

Updates......Schnee in TX is now in his foster home. His owners fell on hard financial times and couldn't afford to care for him properly anymore. It was a tearful good bye when his foster mom picked him up. Very sad times for a lot of people right now. We're very happy that we are able to help Schnee. He's being vetted today and after he puts a little weight on he will be neutered. We will be sure to send updates to his family so they know he's being well cared for.

Adoptions..... Talk about being in the right place at the right time.... Anna (see picture at top) somehow found herself alone, out in the country. She wandered up to a farm but was not welcome there. Despite being given the cold shoulder, she continued to hang around. One of our regular transport drivers just happened to be in the area and recognized Anna as being an Anatolian.

She immediately got ahold of Jody Shaw. Long story short, Anna was transported to Jody's for foster care and within a couple of weeks she was adopted by Kim Poisson.
Anna has fit in like she was tailor made! She gets along with everyone, including Kim's goats. Kim reports that Anna does a "head count" every day, giving each goat a sniff and a lick, making sure they are all accounted for. Sounds like Miss Anna has found the home she was looking for.

Well, I think that's about all I have today. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

PS: Calendars are printed and on their way to Karen D!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good morning!
HELP!!.....This pretty girl in the picture is known only as "Mamma Dog" right now. She is half Anatolian and half Pyrenees. Shelley Smith in Little Rock rescued Mamma and her 3 girl pups. All of them are looking for foster or adoption! If anyone is able to help Mamma or one of the girls please let us know!

Updates........Karen is working on a possible adoption for our senior girl, Roxy, in New Mexico! Keep your paws crossed that this works out for her, she seems so sad in the boarding kennel.

The two new pups, Ramzi and Minka, in Georgia, are safely out of the shelter and into a boarding kennel. They're going to be trying to make their way to Jody in OH next weekend. Stay tuned for transport details.

THANK YOU Jody :-)

Remember little Jonah in Wyoming, the pup with the tear duct problem? Karen W, his foster mom, reports that he is gaining weight and starting to act like a real puppy. He still has the tear duct problem and he is still battling a horrible URI but he's on different antibiotics now and they seem to be helping.
Keep up the good thoughts for Jonah! He's making progress but still has a long way to go.

Urgent dogs........We still have Caleb in boarding with no foster or adoption on the horizon, unfortunately.

Cooper's temp foster is extremely anxious to move him, too, but we don't have anywhere for him to go either :-(
As mentioned earlier, we still need fosters for the Arkansas girls, too!
Don't forget.........to check out our Cafe Press store http://www.cafepress.com/nasrnstore A percentage of each sale goes to NASRN to help the dogs.
Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holiday Shopping Reminder

Just wanted to remind everyone if they're doing any of their holiday shopping online, don't forget to shop through the NASRN website and help the dogs without spending any extra money!

If you go to our website http://www.nasrn.com/ scroll to the bottom of the page.....you will find a link to igive.com and also to Amazon.com.

If you access Amazon from the link on our site, they will donate a percentage of your sale to NASRN.

Here's what you do for igive.com: If you're not already a member, just click on this link www.iGive.com/NASRN to go directly to the sign up form.

If you download the igive.com "shopping window", you will always know when you're shopping at a merchant that is affiliated with igive.com

For example, priceline and expedia are both igive merchants. If you download the igive shopping window, each time you go to expedia or priceline, the little window pops up and tells you that they will donate a % of your sale to NASRN.

It's really easy!

For Amazon, all you have to do is make sure you enter the Amazon site from the link on our website http://www.nasrn.com/
There is also a link for our Cafe Press store where you can purchase Anatolian Shepherd merchandise like t shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, etc.

I hope I haven't confused everyone :-) E mail me if you have any questions!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good afternoon!

Let's see, what's going on today....... we're still working on trying to find a place for Roxi, the senior female in New Mexico. The kennel owner took a picture for us, look how pretty she is! She looks very sad though and looks like she could use a bath and a good brushing. Poor girl. It's so sad when the older dogs are abandoned like this.

Adoptions..... nothing much going on today. Karen and I are working on a couple of promising applications but nothing definite yet.

I forgot to mention the other day that Carol Baumann has made it official that she is adopting "LG" <"Life's Good"> the dog she has been fostering for so long. LG's previous owner dumped quite a few dogs at the local shelter awhile back. We took in 4 of them . I think LG and Zeke were in the worst shape, both behaviorally and physically. Carol and the Ingram's have both put in a lot of effort to get both boys back on their feet and they are both in much better shape, mentally, as well.

New dogs..... possibly two new dogs outside of Atlanta, a young brother/sister pair. Stay tuned for more possibly more info.
Updates....... here is a picture of "Hank", who was recently adopted. He's hanging out with his new new best-est friend in her play house.
I just received some new picture of Prince and Erol, two of the OK Ten dogs that were in such bad shape. I will post them tomorrow.

Transports...... Juliana's magic wand was waived and the puppy transport for this weekend has been filled! A big thank you to the drivers, and to Harry for taking on EIGHT PUPPIES at one time and never complaining even once :-)
Also, thank you, Catherine, who is fostering one of these cute girls. Wonder what Bear is gonna think about that? Or does he not know yet?

That's all for now. Please be sure to let me know if you have anything that you'd like me to post in the blog.....an adoption that I missed, an update on an adopted dog, a new picture, etc etc.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Morning!

Let's see, what is going on this week.......well, we had a "false alarm", thinking a foster home had opened up for Caleb, one of our TX dogs that is in boarding. It sounded like a good match but the applicants changed their minds about adding a new dog right now. So Caleb is still looking for a foster or adoption.

Other Urgent dogs.......Roxi is still in boarding. We are going to have to find a place to move her by the 26th of this month bc the kennel is full for the holiday. We can bring her back on the 1st if we have to but will need to find a different spot for her, at least for those 4 days. The kennel owner says Roxi is a very sweet girl , we're hoping he can send us some better pictures for her listing on the website.

Schnee in TX has a foster! Yay!!

No change on the other urgent dogs http://www.nasrn.com/URGENTdogs.htm

Transports......Elvis has arrived in Illinois! He is now with Jim Hart and family, getting acquainted with the new people and dogs, etc. Elvis charmed all of his transport drivers, many of which had never met an Anatolian before.

This weekend, Juliana is working on a short transport from Salisbury NC to Clemson SC, transporting a 6 m/o ASD pup. If anyone is in that area and wants to help, please contact Juliana when she sends out the transport request!

Adoptions........It's official! Chase is being adopted by a wonderful couple in Longview, TX. He's going to have lots of room to run and his very own private pond to splash around in.

Dr. Pat in Houston updated me on her adoptions......she's been very busy!

Bubba, who is now "Aspen" is with his new family in Michigan.

Aceyla and Havva, both saved from Houston area kill shelters, were adopted by a family that had previously adopted a male Anatolian named Quinn. Quinn and his 2 new girlfriends have a 10 acre "yard" to call their own and are having a great time together.

"Budmeister", the senior dog dumped at a kill shelter by his owner, has become Dr. Pat's official guardian and mascot at her vet clinic. He's won the hearts of all the staff and seems quite content with his new "job".

Great job, Dr. Pat! Aceyla, Havva and Buddy all faced certain euthanasia if she had not stepped in to help them.

Updates....... the Arkansas 4 are really in serious need of foster homes. I hope to have them listed on the website in the next day or so. Mamma dog is gorgeous. Stay tuned for pics.

Our featured picture today is of "Ein" aka Einstein. Jan Duncan took him in to foster a couple of weeks ago. Apparently Ein is an avid gardener.

Well, thats all for now.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Good morning, Anatolian lovers :-) I hope you're all enjoying your weekend.

Let's see, what is going on ...... Karen D. received the proof copy of our calendar and reports that it looks great and doesn't need any changes. I sent the order in yesterday. With any luck, we should have them in hand and ready to mail by the end of the month.

Urgent dogs......Caleb and Roxi are both still in boarding and both still need fosters :-(

Updates.....Shelley S. sent me a wonderful update over the weekend on "Hope & Faith". Some of you will remember Hope & Faith as 2 pups that were bought at an auction in MO several yrs ago for $25 a piece. They came from a puppymill breeder and were too sickly for the puppy broker aka Hunte Corporation, to be interested. Hope has a heart defect and was not expected to live very long. I remember talking with Shelley back then, we were afraid to have her spayed, fearing she wouldn't live thru the surgery Well, they turned 4 yrs old this summer and are both doing great. They're living the good life in southern California now, and have a very devoted family who takes great care of them. See a picture of Faith from when she was a puppy (right hand corner).
HELP!!!.......On a less cheerful note, the 3 ASD Pyrs that Shelley had picked up last week in Arkansas are in desperate need of fosters. 2 are pretty tame but the other two really need to be w/someone who is dog savvy and is able to work with an unsocialized dog. We're hoping to split them up b/c they feed off each other and get into that 'pack mentality' right now when they're together. Anyone up for a project?
Adoptions...........it looks like Hank is being adopted! Hank is one of 3 brothers that we took in at the age of 2 wks old last summer. Linda Lauterbach bottle fed them while we looked for a foster home. They are all big boys now, weighing about 60 pounds at 4 months old. Hanks brother, Bubba, flew to Michigan and his other brother, Max, is now living in Houston, I believe.
"Chase", another one of our TX dogs, went on a home visit yesterday and we are hopeful that this is a good match. The couple recently lost their 12 yo ASD and miss him very much. Keep your fingers and paws crossed for Chase, we think this might be a really good home for him.
Transport news.........Beth waved her magic wand and filled Elvis' transport from Arkansas to Illinois this weekend. Elvis is now on his way to Jim Hart's in Rockford IL. Elvis' family gave him to us b/c they are having a baby soon. Elvis has charmed all of the transport drivers so far. See his picture in the left hand corner. This is Elvis @ his overnight stop last night. Whatta handsome guy he is. The drivers have been wonderful with him, he's gotten such great care, he looks like he is taking it all in stride. I hope Elvis and Jim's adopted ASD, Nala, hit it off and become great buddies.

Well I guess that's about all for now. I hope everyone has a great Sunday.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Let's see, what's going on this week......well, Shelley had the 4 Arkansas girls picked up yesterday. The pups have not been socialized much and one of them has had a stroke in the past. Mamma dog is pretty nice and more social than the 3 pups. They were all spayed today so we will give them a little time to recuperate and settle down and maybe we can get a better evaluation on them. Why in the world people have dogs but never handle them is beyond me.

We have a couple of dogs that we really need to move soon but we don't have anywhere for them to go. Poor Schnee (sha-nay), see his picture in the corner. His family lost their jobs and are having trouble affording dog food. He has some hot spots that need vet care but they dont have the money for that either. He's in Giddings, TX. Schnee's picture is in the left hand corner of this page.

Still no foster for Roxi, the senior girl in NM.
Chase in TX is the most popular boy this week, I think we've had about 5 apps on him within the last few days! Keep your fingers crossed that one of them is the right one.
Another one of Jody's pups is being adopted! She's flying all the way from OH to Oregon to her new home.

Well, I placed our order for the calendars this morning. We had 170 orders and I ordered a few extra, just incase. Will see the proof in about a week so I will let you all know how it looks.
I'll be away for the rest of the week, will check back with all of you over the weekend. :-)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Please think good thoughts for little Jonah (in the picture). He's about 6 months old and was found by some oil field workers near Rock Springs WY. He was starving and sick and had a bad eye infection. His poor little belly was swollen from not having any food. Karen Wegner took him home and has been nursing him back to health. Unfortunately, Karen just found out that one of Jonah's eyes is not producing tears. The vet is going to try to flush the tear ducts and hope that helps, but if not, we're not sure what baby Jonah's fate might be.

So please think good thoughts for this sweet little guy!

Roxi in New Mexico is at the boarding kennel but she MUST be out before Thanksgiving b/c the kennel is already booked for the holiday. So we have less than a month to come up with a spot for her. The kennel owner says she's a really nice dog. She is next to a Pyrenees and they seem to be ok w/one another. I feel so bad for the older dogs. She should be relaxing on a soft dog bed or sunning herself on the porch, not in a lonely kennel by herself. :-(

We also still have 5 pure bred ASD pups in North Carolina looking for foster or adoption! All girls, they were born in May of this year. Harry is working on getting individual pics for us but he says they all look alike :-)There are some group photos on the website http://www.nasrn.com/ click on "available dogs" and then Southern Region.

We have a little over 150 calendars ordered! We are really excited about that. Not bad for our first year.

I'm not able to place the order until Monday so if there are any last minute orders, just shoot me an e mail and we will put you on the order list.

Juliana and Beth have a transport running next weekend from Fayetteville, AR to Rockford IL. Anyone along that route that wants to meet ELVIS, in person, be sure to drop them a note! Elvis is on his way to his foster home with Jim Hart and family.

We received an update on "Ein", Jan Duncan's new foster boy in Salem OR. Apparently Ein and Clyde (remember Clyde from WY??) are best-est buddies, romping, wrestling and slobbering all over the place. I think this is the happiest Ein has been in a long time. Thanks so much for helping him Jan!

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend :-)