Sunday, December 28, 2008

Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings!

Our Featured Dog today is "Roxy". You may remember Roxy as the senior girl that spent her birthday in the Albuquerque NM shelter. She has been in her new home now for about a month and is doing really well. Roxy might not be as old as the shelter said she was b/c she is quite spunky and loves to wrestle with her Anatolian brother. Isn't she a pretty girl? Whatta face.

URGENT DOGS: Tank is in northern CA, Placerville area, and is in urgent need of a foster or adoptive home ASAP. His owner's can no longer keep him and he may end up in the shelter if we don't move him quickly. Tank is appx 3.5 yrs old, people friendly, good with kids, other dogs and cats. You can see his picture here:

TRANSPORTS: We are trying to move "Cooper" from a boarding kennel in Pryor, OK to his foster home in Polvadera NM. This transport will run the weekend of 1/3-1/4. It will be traveling thru OK, TX, and NM. If you might be able to help, please contact NASRN Transport Coordinator, Beth Goldowitz

FUN VIDEOS: Two cute videos. The first is of Coby, aka Cody, one of the two dogs that narrowly escaped being put down @ the Madera CA shelter not long ago. His foster mom took this video of him shortly after they arrived home from transport.

Sunny sent this next video in this morning. It is really cute and looks like a lot of fun

Sunday, December 21, 2008

FEATURED PICTURE: This is "Amdo" (left) with his new sister, Baki. Amdo was given up by his family when they moved out of the country. He spent quite awhile in foster care, patiently waiting for his new family. He was adopted about a month ago and is doing great. He and Baki have become fast friends are are exploring the new snow together.

UPDATES: It's rather quiet right now......... Cody, one of the dogs from the Madera CA kill shelter traveled to his new foster home yesterday.

From here on out, Cody will be known as "Coby". His foster mom, Heather reports he weathered the transport fairly well and is a very sweet boy. Stay tuned for updates and new pics.
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Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Santa's handsome helper is "LG" (Life's Good). LG and some of his siblings were dumped in a shelter last year b/c their owner had too many dogs. When he came to Carol Bauman's home as a foster dog, he was terrified of everyone and everything. LG had spent most of his life in a little pen w/basically no human interaction. He's come a long way since then.....Carol has treated him for Lyme disease and heartworms too. Thanks to Carol, LG has a loving home now and is learning that life outside that little pen is not so scary after all.

TRANSPORT: Thanks to Juliana and some very kind & generous drivers, Cody will be traveling to Winchester, CA to his foster home w/Heather S and family! Cody is one of the Madera CA dogs that barely escaped a death sentence at the shelter on Monday.

WARM WISHES go out to Diane Thiel, one of our foster moms. Please keep Diane and her family in your thoughts as her son begins his second tour in Iraq.

NORTHERN CA: "URGENT" We have another dog in a northern CA shelter that is in urgent need of a foster home. Stay tuned for more info. Her name is "Holly".

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 17, 2008

FEATURED DOG: This is "Merlin". Merlin was dumped in a Florida shelter last year. Being an older dog, he wasn't considered very adoptable. Merlin hitched a ride all the way up to Ohio where he was adopted by his foster mom, Jody Shaw. Merlin is a handsome guy, isn't he? Gotta love these older dogs..... I think Anatolians just get better as they get older.
Looks like winter is here in many parts of the country! Even though our big guys & gals are hearty dogs and have a thick undercoat, they do still need a place to get out of the wind, rain or snow. A nice thick bed of dry hay or straw or a raised bed off the cold ground will help keep them cozy if they sleep outside. The senior dogs and young pups are always more sensitive to cold/hot temps so please be sure to give extra care the the older guys/gals and the babies too.

UPDATE: Cody & Scooby are out of the shelter and in their foster home. Well, Cody is in his temporary foster and is waiting for a ride to his longer term foster in Riverside area.

TRANSPORT: Anyone along the route between Fresno, CA and Riverside CA.?? If you aren't busy this weekend and might want to help w/Cody's transport, be sure to send a note to our Transport Director, Juliana Lipe

GET WELL WISHES!! Sending big hugs and get well wishes to ......

"Alex" (Ingram) We hope you're feeling better after your knee surgery!
"Annie" (Moore) Hoping you're feeling better after your recent surgery after suffering from bloat/twisted stomach.
URGENT: We do have another urgent dog in a kill shelter. She is a pretty white Akbash Dog in Weatherford, TX. Her kill date is Friday, December 19th. We're looking for a foster home for her, even if it's short term. We can board her after Christmas but the kennel is full until then!
If anyone is able to help, please contact Tammy Ardolf

Monday, December 15, 2008

UPDATE: Madera CA dogs are SAFE!!

UPDATE: Scooby and Cody, the two dogs at the Madera CA shelter who were slated for euthansia this morning, are now officially on hold for rescue so they are safe! We're busy working on arrangements to get them out of the shelter and into foster care.

Thank you all so much for cross posting and a big huge thank you to our Foster Moms!!
Whew! That was a close one, I'm getting too old for this kind of excitement. :-)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

No Vacancy

"NO VACANCY"..........I feel like that's the sign hanging over our heads right now but it doesn't stop the flow of dogs knocking at the door, needing help to escape euthanasia.

Usually, if we're in a life or death situation and a dog needs out "right now", we would find a place to board him/her. Being the holiday season, it's next to impossible to find a kennel with any space.

Our featured dog this morning is "Cody". He and his brother are in a shelter in Madera California.

He is slated to be killed tomorrow morning unless we're able to find a foster for him.

We "have" had one offer to foster Cody and his brother, but that offer is from Washington and I'm not sure if we can find a place for them to stay while we work out transport, and, I'm not even sure if we can get a transport filled that quickly.

So, right now, his fate is still unknown.

UPDATES.......... not a lot of updates, actually. Most of our urgent dogs are still in urgent need of fosters.

Ellie in CA, the cute girl with the cropped ears, did manage to find a foster home this past week, so that's good news.

A cute pup named Hollywood was adopted by his foster family this week also.

I guess that's about all. Please think PAWSitive thoughts for Cody and Scooby in the Madera CA shelter. Feel free to cross post their plight today. We only have until Monday morning at 8 am to come up with something.

Here are their Petfinder links:


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Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Morning

Good morning! I hope you all had a great weekend.

Let's see, what's going on today...........

Our featured dog today is "Bear". In 2003, Bear was adopted by Linda Palmateer in MD. Sadly, Linda lost her big Bear much too soon in 2006. Bear was a magnificent dog and he is deeply missed. On our Rainbow Bridge page, Linda writes, in part:

I think Bear sometimes thought he was a little dog. He would try and sit in my lap while I watched TV. If I sat on the floor his big ol’ head was resting in my lap. If I was on one side of the room he would belly crawl over to me, just so that he could be as close as possible. If I sat on the loveseat he would put his head on the cushion, looking adoringly up at me with those ancient and wise looking yellow/green eyes. I would then scratch his nubbies, the name we gave his cropped ears. I love him and miss him so much.

You can see all of the memorials on our Rainbow Bridge page here. Be sure to have kleenex:

URGENT DOGS: We still have many dogs in urgent need of foster or adoptive homes.
Cooper in Pryor OK and Blondie & Clyde in Waco TX are the most urgent right now.
All 3 of these dogs are good with other dogs and are friendly with people. If anyone might be able to offer help to one of them, please drop me a note. We will always do our best to help w/transport within an appx range of 1,000 miles.

You can see all of our urgent needs dogs here:

NEW URGENT DOG: Kelly is a 3 yo female Anatolian Shepherd Dog. She was purchased as a working dog but that is not working out as her owner had hoped. "This working dog is not working out", I guess you could say.
She is good with adult animals but chases babies.
Kelly is very people oriented so she would probably do best in a home where she isn't asked to live 24/7 with the livestock.
Right now, we are looking for a foster home for her so we can spay, vet and evaluate her. She is in Clarkesville, GA. You can see her picture here:

UPDATE: "Ellie" in CA will be taken off the urgent list today. She has a foster home to go to next weekend. With any luck, things will work out well and this will be Ellie's "forever" home.

TRANSPORT: Loki traveled to his foster home this weekend, the trip went off without a hitch! By all reports, Loki was a good traveler and was a good will ambassador for the breed. We hope he will settle nicely into his foster home quickly.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Tis the Season (to dump a dog!)

Some things never change.......unfortunately. Every year around the holidays we always have a marked jump in dogs landing in shelters or owners wanting to relinquish their dogs. I'm not sure why, but it happens each and every year. This year is no different.

So, it's been a busy week with many dogs in shelters needing fosters. It's also a very frustrating week b/c all of our foster homes are full so we're faced with the dilemma of finding a place to put these dogs before the shelter kills them.

Usually, any other time of the year, if we get into a bind, we can try to board a dog short term. That is incredibly difficult during a holiday b/c most kennels are full.
I don't have the answer, but I wish I did. We just keep plugging along and hope we're able to figure something out for each of them before their time runs out at the shelter.
On the brighter side..........
TRANSPORTS: Juliana and Beth have outdone themselves this time. They filled a very difficult transport, most of which travels through "no man's land". Not to mention the fact that they filled it in just a few days time! Thanks to Juliana and Beth, along with the very generous transport drivers that are giving up their time and gas, Loki will be traveling to his foster home tomorrow! Special thanks to Diane for opening her home to Loki in his time of need.
FEATURED PICTURE: This is Samson with "his kids". Sam was adopted last year by Kathryn Kerby. He looks quite content, doesn't he? What a great dog you are Sam! He is a true blue Anatolian, that's for sure.

Monday, December 1, 2008

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday last week!

Updates.......some VERY good news! Bonnie, the girl in DFW area that went missing about 3 weeks ago has been found!! Believe it or not, Bonnie actually jumped "in" to someone's yard! Foster dad said he figures, after a couple of weeks on the run, she had enough of it and found a yard to jump into. Luckily, the people were very nice, they even took her to the vet. I'm thrilled to report that Bonnie is now safely home with her foster dad. She's pretty skinny, full of ticks and a bit frazzled over the whole ordeal, but she was extremely glad to see foster dad and made a beeline for the house when they got home.

Another DFW dog, Caleb, is out of the kennel and settling in to his foster home. So far he is doing well and getting along with all of the Basset Hounds. Foster mom reports that Caleb has a fondness for squeaky toys, is playful, good natured and an all around good boy.

ADOPTED: I'm happy to report that "Amdo" in Oregon was adopted over the weekend! Amdo has been in foster care for quite awhile, so we are all happy for him that he now has a family to call his own. Special thanks to his foster mom, Chyril, for taking such good care of him while we were waiting for that special home to come along for him.

URGENT: We are still in desperate need of a foster home for Cooper in Pryor, OK. His temp. foster mom is saying she will take him to the shelter if we cannot find a place for him ASAP. If anyone is interested in fostering him, please let us know! He's about 8-10 mo's old, neutered, vetted, housebroken and good with other dogs. You can see Cooper's picture and read more about him here:

HOLIDAY FUNDRAISER: Don't forget about our "Essencia" Holiday Fundraiser! This is going on until December 15th. Be sure to get your order in. Essencia's products are handmade and are very luxurious. A perfect gift for the holidays for someone you want to pamper a little.....even if that "someone" is yourself :-p
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