Saturday, January 30, 2010


Meet Annie. She was recently rescued from a storm drain where someone had dumped her. She was cold and scared and quite skinny. Luckily a kind hearted person noticed her and took her home. Annie is now looking for a loving home and family of her own.

Annie is a very sweet pup. Her appx DOB is September 2009.
She will be smaller than a pure bred Anatolian.

Please email Tammy for more information:

Friday, January 29, 2010


We have 2 dogs in Alabama that are in need of either a foster or adoptive home.


Chief is a pure bred male Anatolian Shepherd Dog, DOB 6/05. He is not neutered yet but will be as soon as he puts some weight on. He is too skinny for surgery right now.
Chief has a really nice temperament; he is friendly with both people and other dogs, he is well socialized and is confident as well.
He was just pulled from death row at a small animal control facility. His previous owners did not have fencing to keep him home.

This is a really nice dog. He needs a little work on leash manners and basic commands but he is a big time tail wagger and knows how to do the "Anatolian Lean" quite well. He loves people so he is going to do best in a home where he will be part of the family.

MAGGIE: "Available for adoption"

Maggie is a very sweet natured and gentle girl. She is a 1-2 yo pure bred female Anatolian Shepherd Dog. She will be ready to be spayed soon, but, like Chief, she was too skinny for surgery. She's put some weight on now, though, and will soon be ready to be spayed.

Maggie was also pulled from a kill shelter but we do not have any background on where she came from.
She is wonderful with people and loves children.
She is good with other dogs and does not bother farm animals.
Since she is very bonded with people, she is not available as a working LGD. She loves being in the house and hanging out with the family.

For more information, please email Carleen at

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Keeta is a beautiful and loving 9 yo female Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
Keeta is looking for a loving foster or adoptive home to live out her twilight years.
She is good with children and adults. She loves being brushed and enjoys human companionship. Keeta is such a wonderful girl, she deserves a loving home with lots of TLC for her retirement.
She is dominant with other dogs but she is truly a people-person-dog who would love nothing more than laying at your feet and snoozing on a doggie bed.

For more information, please email Carleen at

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well, another transport has been successfully completed. Two wonderful dogs have made it to their destination and, from all of the emails and postings, it looks like it was such a simple trip.
I mean, you pick up the dogs, put em' the car and off you go, right?

I say this all the time but it's worth saying again...Our Transport Coordinators, Juliana Lipe & Beth Goldowitz, make setting up/coordinating transports look like a piece of cake, a walk in the park.
Let me tell you, its "not"!!

To give you an idea of how this incredible 3200+ mile journey all came together consider this:

Juliana & Beth first started planning this trip a whole month ago!

They exchanged more than 1300 emails and phone calls with people as they were looking for drivers and coordinating both segments of the trip.

Weekend 1 trip from TX to AZ involved 20 volunteers!

Weekend 2 trip from AZ to OR involved 18 volunteers!

This does not include the foster parents, which were Roger & Janice, who first pulled them from the shelter and later, Stacey, who cared for them until they were adopted.

All of the volunteers that drove had never met Sam & Lily and likely will never meet them again, but they were there when the call went out and they donated their weekend, their gas and their kindness to help these two dogs get to where they needed to go.

Transport drivers are always the unsung heroes. Without these wonderful people we would never be able to adopt out as many dogs as we do. At least 75% of our adoptions are out of state adoptions that require a transport.
If it were not for the transport drivers, still more dogs might be put down in the shelter as we often need to set up transport to move a dog from the shelter to foster care out of the area.

Their contributions play a huge role in the operation of not only our rescue group but many, many others as well.
"Thank you" doesn't seem like enough, coming from me, but I think the smiles on the dogs faces when they arrive at their new home is the thanks that really matters.

I want to share a couple of notes with you all. These are from our 2 dedicated Transport Coordinators.
Its true, the drivers play a very important role, but if it were not for the talents and dedication of these two ladies, Juliana and Beth, none of this would ever come together.

If you ever see a transport traveling through your area, be sure to contact Beth or Juliana! Its fun to meet the dogs and your role plays a big part in helping the dog start a new life.

Beth writes to her drivers after the first weekend trip from TX to AZ:

Hello again to Sam & Lilly's wonderful transport team!

I'm very happy to report that the big dogs have landed in Phoenix! Sam and Lilly have arrived at Mary's after another smooth day of travel. They had another wonderful day today and now will get a few days of rest before continuing on their journey next weekend.

All of us at NASRN send you all our heartfelt thanks for making this adoption possible. Have I said this before? You all are the very, very best! We often say that we couldn't adopt out the rescue Anatolians without help from our transport volunteers, and that's for sure true in this case. Your wonderful effort has given these dogs the chance for a happy home...together.

One more added all the photographers and story-tellers from this weekend, thank you for taking some extra time to send photos and tales from the trip. It's safe to say that the Streets, along with many people online, have enjoyed being able to follow along.

We're already hard at work planning the second transport for next weekend and will be sure to let you all know how the big journey turns out. Thank you all, so very much.

Beth Goldowitz
Transport Coordinator
National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network, 501(c)(3)

Juliana writes to her drivers after Weekend 2 from AZ to Canada:

Hello to Sam & Lilly's Fantastic Weekend 2 Transport Team!

After weeks of planning, 3200 miles of travel and 10 days from beginning to end, we are delighted and very thankful to say "mission accomplished" for Sam & Lilly! These two wonderful dogs have endeared themselves to all of us, forged friendships from TX to Canada and given us the opportunity to see kindness, generosity and compassion in action.

The second weekend of Sam & Lilly's trip could not have gone more smoothly! It's been such a pleasure to work with each of you as we planned and carried out all the details of our transport. And it's been such fun to hear your reports and see your pictures from the road! Each of you took on over 200 lbs of big dogs without the slightest hesitation and delivered them safely, promptly and well loved to their next hand off spot.

And so, our transport has come to a tremendously successful conclusion with the Streets' safe arrival in Rosedale, but we all know it's just the beginning of a great new life for Sam & Lilly! We're so excited that we'll be able to continue to follow them on Facebook as they make their way around their new home and explore their Canadian surrounds. Who would have thought that two Anatolian Shepherd Dogs from west TX would have such an incredible adventure and a wonderful new beginning. It does our hearts good to see the good that can come from difficult circumstances when enough people care! And you were each an essential part of that caring group that has brought about this very happy beginning!

All of us at NASRN, including my fellow transport coordinator, Beth Goldowitz, who managed Weekend 1 of Sam & Lilly's trip, send our heartfelt thanks to you. We count you as special friends and look forward to future opportunities to work with you in rescue efforts!

With warm regards,

PORTLAND OREGON: This boy is in the Oregan Humane Society and is looking for a foster or adoption. If you are interested in fostering, please contact Carleen at

If you are interested in adopting, please contact the shelter directly (information is listed below).

Name: Balto
Code Number: 85294
Date Available: 1/19/2010
Adoption Fee: $200
Type: Dog
Breed: Anatolian Shepherd/Kuvasz
Color: White/Not Specified
Gender: Male
Age:1 Yr
Weight: 68 lbs.
Location: Dog Green Pod-21


Come meet Balto, he is as mellow as they come for a one year old. He loves attention and people.
He knows how to sit, he walks well on a leash and he will sit for a cookie. Balto will give you kisses; he loves tummy rubs and walks well on a leash.

His previous owner stated that he should not go home with cats; he tends to play to rough with them. Balto will make an excellent addition to any family.

The adoption fee includes spay/neuter microchip ID, collar and I.D. tag, initial vaccines, one month pet insurance, courtesy veterinarian exam, and plenty of post adoption support!

Shelter location: 1067 NE Columbia Blvd. Portland, OR
Shelter Phone: (503) 285-7722

HOMEWARD BOUND: Sam & Lily's new life begins!

For those of you who have been following the "Incredible Journey of Sam & Lily"....
Their new owners have set up facebook pages for both of them so you can stay in tuoch and follow them as they settle into their new lives.
The end of their transport is just the beginning of their new lives.
Thank you all for being a part of this.



Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Well, after 2 weeks and more than 3200 miles logged, Sam & Lily are now officially Canadians!
Here is a note from their new owners........

Hello All!!

I have not caught up with the email or facebook msgs yet, but will do that ASAP! I just wanted everyone to know that we crossed the border into Canada around 1 pm today (Sunday) -- gorgeous sunshine and blue skies, with magestic snow-capped mountains all around us. Lilly and Sam (aka Sam and Lilly !!) knew something was up and waited patiently in the back seat, looking out at the border crossing guard while he perused their papers and asked us questions. We breezed through the border in a matter of seconds -- thanks to Stacey and the NASRN folks for having everything so perfectly in order, and for each and every member of the transport team for ensuring that these documents arrived in tact.

Lilly and Sam both seemed to know that something was up. They were no longer laying in the back and snoozing, but alert with heads poking out the back windows -- sniffing the air.
Both dogs were standing and peering out the open windows by this time -- I truly believed they knew "home" was that close! (We also know, from experience, that gigantic Anatolians can jump out of a car window that is opened halfway -- so we were careful just to let their noses and heads peek out) We pulled into the driveway and both stepped out of the truck and onto their home turf without using the Pet Ramp. We explored all around together -- and both dogs did their business, took a drink from the fish pond, scratched their backs against the cedar trees surrounding the side yard, checked out the Bernese Mountain Dog named "Kumo" through the chain link fence --- and played the "I'm marking my territory against this fence -- no *I* am -- no *I* am" game, back and forth for about 20 minutes! They have a new buddy next door now! Lilly and Sam stayed "Oooot and Aboooot" (*lol*) for about an hour, checking out their property.

Then we came inside and they explored the house -- not fully yet, as we coaxed them onto their new soft beds with a treat, and they both fell right asleep! Sam is snoring beside me now, and they both looked so relaxed as they snooze away! Their beds are right beside the computer -- between the kitchen and family room -- in the center of all activity.

We have taken lots of photos and will put them up on their facebook page, along with any photos you send of your time with them and any photos from the 2 disposable cameras that came with them. Thank you, again, Stacey for thinking of that and sending the cameras -- what a fantastic idea! We look forward to reading everyones journal entries tonight too. If you add them as a friend on facebook, please look for "Sam Street" and "Lilly Street".... you will recognize their profile pictures, I'm sure!

It's so good to see them sleeping here, and feeling so comfortable already. Sam already discovered the cupboard door where we keep the treats -- he knows they're in there, even though he hasn't seen us open it yet! He just stopped snoring, looked around, saw Lilly was beside him and saw me tapping on the keyboard, and put his head back down with a BIG ~sigh~ and fell asleep again. He knows he's home.

The end of a MARVELLOUS, well planned, well executed, incredible "mother of all" journeys! But not the end of your connection to them, if you choose to follow them through photos and anecdotes on facebook! Laurie and I are SO thankful and grateful to each and every one who had ANYTHING to do with bringing Lilly and Sam to their new home in Canada. Life began being good for them when they were first discovered and removed from the shelter... and just think of all the things that had to go right for them between then and now! They just trusted that all the kind-hearted and loving folks they met from that point on were doing the best they could for them and, now, it's our turn to love them, cherish them, and value them for the amazing and wonderful dogs they both are. We promise to do that for the rest of their lives.

And now we're both going to give them some cuddles and pats and tell them, once again, how much we love them! And promise them a walk around the block later tonight. There are SO many more neighbours and dogs to meet yet!

Love from all of us here,
L & S and S & L

Monday, January 18, 2010

HOMEWARD BOUND: Sam and Lilly met their new family!


Sam and Lilly have met their new family in Medford! Debbie arrived even a little ahead of schedule, but Sheri and Laurie were waiting there eagerly. After introductions all around, they all spent about an hour in a great, well lit grassy area where Sam and Lilly could stretch their legs and get to know their new mom and dad. Sheri called Juliana to say they loaded up Sam and Lilly and headed north, hoping to get some ways up the road and a little closer to home.

After nearly nine days of perfect weather since leaving Texas last week, our good luck ran out Sunday afternoon. Debbie reported that "On the way down to Redding I ran into heavy rain/mixed with snow and strong winds. The wind was pushing my car all over the road." The dogs were very helpful, though! After adding nearly 250 lbs of canine ballast to her car, Debbie said "On the way back I didn't even notice the wind."

It was a wonderful, emotional meeting with Sheri and Laurie. Debbie said, "Lilly immediately went up to them and started wagging her tail, Sam followed right behind and before we knew it, they were both wagging happily. It's almost as if they knew, 'this is them, our new family.'"

Sheri wrote a quick and very enthusiastic note after they stopped for the night:
"Everything you ALL said about Sam and Lilly is true!! They are the most wonderful, patient, gentle and polite dogs! They both like the Pet Ramp and walked up it and into the back seat of the truck as though they'd done it a hundred times before! The same with getting back out again. They snuggled in the back seat in the Pet Hammock we had to cover the entire back seat, and put their heads down... only looking up a couple of times when the wind sounded like it was going to blow us off the road. Sam and Lilly are laying on sleeping bags in our hotel room -- Sam looked as though he was considering bedding down on the king size bed, but we nixed that idea and he flopped beside me on their sleeping bags on the floor. They are both asleep... Sam snoring :)" Sheri has promised to write again after they finally get home.

Sheri and Laurie asked that we pass along a huge THANK YOU to everyone. They are overwhelmed with their two beautiful, sweet dogs and with the kindness that all the volunteers have shown. She said they'll be in touch just as soon as they reach Rosedale and home! We'll post news of the big arrival as soon as we get it. Hopefully pictures too!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

HOMEWARD BOUND: A Very Long Day on the Road


Well, Day 1 of Weekend 2 of Sam & Lilly's journey home is complete. They reached their overnight at Judy's safe and sound! They may be just a bit road weary, but who wouldn't be after an 11 hour, six hundred mile day of travel! It was the longest day of Sam and Lilly's entire trip, but they got through it in fine fashion.

David reported in directly to Sheri and Laurie, Sam and Lilly's new family. Sheri said, "He spoke so highly of them both, that he nearly had me in tears (of happiness!) -- and I promised him that we would do everything we could to ensure Sam and Lilly are loved, appreciated, and cared for forevermore, in a happy and loving home."

Heidi said "They were both perfect angels as the made their way through the City of Angels. Sam proceeded to plop his head onto my son Jake's leg and fall into a deep sleep, complete with snoring. Lilly snuggled up right up next to Sam."

Sam and Lilly made it to Madera, California yesterday, where they stopped for the night. Judy, who offered her home as their motel for the night, said that both dogs ate their supper, and then Sam methodically sniffed his way around every inch of her home. [Where have we heard that before??] She also said that her house looked a bit smaller than it did before the arrival of two big dogs who take up lots of floor space! What a contrast to her two little Chihuahuas!

What a great day we had, thanks to the super teamwork and wonderful care all the volunteers gave Sam and Lilly. We look forward to Sunday and are anticipating another great day of travel! To all of you on Sunday's team, safe travels....we look forward to hearing from you. Sheri and Laurie have already arrived in Medford safely and are eagerly waiting to meet Sam and Lilly in person. Sheri and Laurie, you've got two pretty special dogs who are going to be very ready to meet their new family Sunday afternoon!

Many thanks to to you Sunday with more "tails" from the road! :-)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Homeward Bound: Welcome to the Golden State!


The travelers are in California now! They have crossed the desert and are on their way north through the central valley.

Mary, the lucky one who spent all last week with Sam and Lilly, reports that the day got off to a great start:
"The first hand-off went well this morning, and I was able to hold back the tears until the drive home alone. My, oh my, how these two will endear themselves to you! They woke me up this morning with kisses and licks. Aside from hot coffee, I can't imagine a better greeting! LOL!

"Sam has become a clown once he allowed himself to relax! There's much more to him than that macho, stoic facade he projects initially.

"Safe travels to all the folks driving this mission. It's been an honor to be a part of it."

At the moment, our transport is a bit behind schedule after the dogs stopped for an impromptu meet and greet in the Riverside area. David and Richard, who drove them from Blythe to Riverside to Glendale, wanted to make sure their families got to meet the big dogs in person! Everyone involved with the trip is in great good humor as the dogs motor along.
HOMEWARD BOUND: Sam and Lilly part 2 begins!


Sam and Lilly are officially 'on the road again' and are traveling west on I-10 across the California desert, right on schedule! What a great week they had at Mary's home to rest and relax in the warm Arizona sun. Thank you, Mary, for the wonderful care and comfort you gave them during their stay!

The big dogs enjoyed Arizona so much that they were reluctant to load up this morning. They probably thought all that traveling was DONE, but we fooled them.

Today, Sam and Lilly will make their way to Madera, CA where they'll spend the night at Judy's home. Sheri and Laurie are hitting the road too! They're leaving their home in British Columbia today to head south, so they'll be ready and waiting for Sam and Lilly's arrival in Medford, OR tomorrow afternoon.

Did we mention? The dogs are traveling with their very own travel journal, where the volunteers have been recording stories from the trip, along with several disposable cameras to record all the highlights. We also hope to have pictures from this weekend in some of our upcoming updates. Stay tuned!

Friday, January 15, 2010

HOMEWARD BOUND: One more day in Arizona!

Sam & Lily have been enjoying their week, relaxing in the sunshine in Phoenix and generally just resting up.

Tomorrow they will hit the road, bright and early, and begin the second half of their journey to their new home in British Columbia Canada.

Stay tuned for updates on their travels this weekend.

Thursday, January 14, 2010



Good Morning All,
Sam and Lilly are doing great this week. They have/are adapting quickly to our routines here, and the slumber party in the guest room improves each night! I can't bear to tell them this is temporary! As difficult as it will be to say good-bye to this pair, my heart rejoices for them knowing in just a few more days they will be in a forever loving home.

They are an amazing pair, each with distinctive personalities. Sam is the guardian, explorer, hunter, always looking and listening, a very typical Anatolian. He is a counter surfer, pantry shopper, and dumpster diver, so doors need to be closed, counters cleared and trash can out of reach. He will investigate EVERY inch of your house and property, taking note of what is his kingdom. He doesn't really respond to verbal commands, cannot be coaxed if it's not on his agenda, and will test your strength on a lead. I don't mean he will drag you into the next county, but rather he wants to know his boundaries. When on lead, they move where you want them to go easily. If you're sitting in a chair, Lilly will move in close to be petted and scratched. When Sam wants attention, he will come stand near her. Just reach out and scratch/pet him, too. He is more reserved when it comes to physical "lovin", but he likes it and wants his share. Just not as much as Lilly! They both enjoy treats, chews, and meal time.

Stacey fed them twice a day, so that is what we're doing here, too, in hopes of keeping them somewhat "regular". They will be traveling with the same brand of kibble they were on in foster care.

Lilly is a dear, sweet gal. She LOVES to be loved, and is content to lay quietly in whatever room you are in. She is less active than Sam which is expected for a retired woman. But she does gallup and wag her tail, and romp around the yard....just not with the intensity of youth. She is very expressive, with open mouthed smiles and vocal little coos and whines. She's soooooo easy to love.
I'm going to upload a couple of pictures right now, and more later today.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

UPDATE: Sam & Lily are resting up and relaxing in The Valley of the Sun.....

Good Morning Beth,
The dogs are doing great, settling in and getting some much needed down time. They are both very sweet dogs! Sam seems to take everything in stride. He's a little more reserved than she, but both eat up attention.
The dogs and I are sleeping in the guest bedroom this week. LOL! They have excellent bedtime manners, sleeping quietly beside my bed. Sam was restless last night, so I put him out for an hour to do his business. When he returned, he sacked right out again. Needless to say, we have bonded!
By the way, we have all their paperwork, etc, so no worries.
More Later,

TRANSPORT UPDATE: The second half of Sam & Lily's Incredible Journey begins bright and early Saturday morning. As of MONDAY, ALL LEGS ARE FILLED!!! Wow, I think thats a record for "Fastest Transport Filled".
We are so lucky to have such great Transport Coordinators like Juliana and Beth.

Stay tuned as Sam and Lily begin their journey home in just a few days!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Sophie is a 1 yo female Anatolian Shepherd Dog. She came into the shelter on December 18th, nearly dead. She was taken to a local vet clinic where she was diagnosed with meningitis. She is on prednisone now and, although she is still very weak, she is better than she was when she first came in.

Sophie has been at the vet clinic for almost a month now and we really need to find a loving foster home where she can get some TLC.
She is considered "special needs" right now bc she needs someone who isn't gone for long periods of time since she needs frequent potty breaks.
She is on prednisone and that causes her to need to potty more than usual.
Since she is still weak and skinny, she needs to be in a warm, dry place where she will not get cold.
She weighs 71 and the vet rated her body condition only a "2".

Meningitis is transmitted by mosquitoes so she is not contagious to other dogs.

If you might be able to help this poor girl, please let us know. We will do our best to help with transport if possible. For more information, please email Carleen at



Hello again to Sam & Lilly's wonderful transport team!

I'm very happy to report that the big dogs have landed in Phoenix! Sam and Lilly have arrived at Mary's after another smooth day of travel. They had another wonderful day today and now will get a few days of rest before continuing on their journey next weekend.

All of us at NASRN send you all our heartfelt thanks for making this adoption possible. Have I said this before? You all are the very, very best! We often say that we couldn't adopt out the rescue Anatolians without help from our transport volunteers, and that's for sure true in this case. Your wonderful effort has given these dogs the chance for a happy home...together.

One more added all the photographers and story-tellers from this weekend, thank you for taking some extra time to send photos and tales from the trip. It's safe to say that the Streets, along with many people online, have enjoyed being able to follow along.

We're already hard at work planning the second transport for next weekend and will be sure to let you all know how the big journey turns out. Thank you all, so very much.


Greetings Everyone,
Sam and Lilly arrived at Banner Estrella Hospital at 5PM on the dot this evening. The buzz all day in the emergency room was all about the big dogs passing through on their trip to BC.
By the time the Beretta's pulled in, there was a crowd gathered to greet them!

After some showing off, they loaded into my truck just fine and we headed home after a long day. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.......big yard off leash! Stretch, sniff, mark.....doggie joy......and serious business for ASD's!

Sam found the pantry door ajar while exploring the house, quickly sniffed out a pizzle stick, and devoured it! Way to make yourself at home, big guy!
The dynamic duo are in for the night, fed, pottied, and looking weary. I'll send updates as the week unfolds.


Sunday, January 10, 2010


Ok, so it's not called Rte 66 anymore but they're still on the same route =)

Sam & Lily have made it into the Grand Canyon State and are now heading south, down the mountain and into the Valley of the Sun aka Phoenix AZ.

Here are some notes from two of their drivers and some really nice pictures too!

LEG 6 Drivers, Kat Crawford Vogt & JC Brown write..........

We had a beautiful drive and as you can see the dogs were all laid back.
Thanks Again for letting us be a tiny piece of the puzzle . Sam and Lilly are the most thoughtful and sweetest dogs ever!!!

LEG 8 DRIVERS, Rebecca & Matthew Moore write.........

Hello Everyone,

We've just returned from handing off Sam and Lilly to Karen Dirksen here in Flagstaff. They weren't sure about hopping up into our SUV, but when inside, settled in and just relaxed. They hopped right up into Karen's van and seemed to be ready to stretch out for a nap! They are a darling pair together... we enjoyed our short time with them!

Rebecca and Matthew Moore

Good morning to Sam and Lilly's wonderful transport team!

On this bright sunny morning (even here!), Sam and Lilly have hit the road for the second day of their journey. They're with Kat and JC now, heading for the Continental Divide and Arizona. They had a wonderful night at Tom and Jean's and had time for a nice breakfast and walk-around this morning. Good news: they both loaded right up in Tom's truck--Sam first!--and did the same in Albuquerque when getting into Kat and JC's car.

We covered about 470 miles yesterday, and the dogs will go even farther today to reach Phoenix, close to 500 miles. We hope the traveling will go as smoothly as yesterday did. Thank you all!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Beth Goldowitz, our Transport Coordinator writes.........

we traveled about 470 miles today (took right around 8 hrs). Tomorrow will be a bit more, probably around 480-500 for the day.

I just spoke with Tom--the dogs have arrived in the Albuquerque area and are making themselves at home! They've had an outing in the snow in the wonderful, large exercise area at Tom and Jean's place, they've had water, they've eaten, and all is well. Tom will be putting them in their sleeping area soon and, we hope, sending some new pictures out for everyone's entertainment.

We had a great--beyond great--a fantastic day of travel today. Other than unnerving a few of the drivers (picture a giant head appearing in your rear-view mirror, or on your shoulder!), the dogs charmed everyone today. We don't know if Sam was being contrary (per Stacey's cautionary warnings about him, I mean) or if he just enjoys travel, but he had no problems at all with our transport routine. Both he and Lilly have been soaking up all the attention and just, it appears, enjoying meeting so many kind, caring people.

We'll hope they have a restful night and wish for smooth travels again tomorrow. Thank you, everyone, for helping them and taking such good care of them!


Good news! Sam and Lilly just crossed the border into New Mexico and met up with Karl, our driver for Leg 4 of the trip.

They have been doing amazingly well so far. Teri's first comment was "I think Sam did not get the memo about being the timid one." Apparently they got on the road in Lubbock with two dogs in the way back of the car...then a few minutes later there was a dog on the back seat...then shortly after there was a dog--a BIG dog--sitting between the two front seats. Easier to get attention if you're close to the humans, I guess! Teri thought it must be Lilly, but it turns out to be Sam. According to Teri, "Sam is all about being petted" so far. We have no idea what about transporting appeals to him but are glad it does!

Lilly did need some help getting into their vehicle, which is higher than some, but Sam jumped right in. Apparently he did not get that memo either.

SO FAR, SO GOOD!! And the train keeps-a-rollin'............


Last fall, Sam and Lily were known as "DJ and Gina". They had been dumped at a kill shelter in Abilene TX by their owner when he moved out of town.

Since then, Sam and Lily have been in foster care, waiting for that perfect home....waiting for that special family who wanted to adopt both of them ,as a pair, because they are so incredibly bonded to one another.
It's hard enough to find a home for "one" Anatolian but finding one home for "two" Anatolians is a daunting task!

About a month ago I was contacted by a couple in British Columbia Canada. They are long time Anatolian owners and had recently lost their beloved Turk to old age.
They spotted Sam and Lily on Petfinder and wondered if it was even possible for them to adopt since they were in Canada.

This inquiry sparked much conversation between myself, the Streets (in Canada), Stacey, Sam and Lily's foster mom, and Beth and Juliana, our wonderful Transport Coordinators.
It was decided that Sam and Lily were hitting the road for an incredible 3200+ mile journey to British Columbia.

That journey begins this morning. Sam and Lily are traveling to Phoenix AZ this weekend. They will lay over for a week in Phoenix in a temporary foster home and then head out once again next Saturday. They will travel nearly the entire length of California and head into Oregon to meet Lauri and Sheri Street, their new owners.
The 4 of them will then head north to BC next Sunday.

Beth and Juliana have coordinated many (many!) transports over the years for our rescue dogs but this is the "mother of all transports".
Normally we do not attempt such monumental trips but we all felt that this was a very special home for Sam and Lily and it would allow them to stay together, which we all felt was very important.
Stay tuned for updates and pictures as Sam and Lily make their way from the tumbleweed studded land of west TX to the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Osa's family is in a predicament---they were forced to find other housing in a very short amount of time and were not able to find a pet friendly home to rent.

They love Osa very much and do not want to give her away or sell her.....they are trying to find someone to "foster" her for 5-6 months until their lease is up and they can move into a home where they can have Osa with them.

Osa is 1 yo, she is spayed, current on all shots and is in good health. Osa is housebroken and walks on leash. She is good with children, good with other dogs and good with cats.

If you might be able to help take care of Osa for 5-6 months so her family doesn't have to lose her forever, please email me:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010



Brother/sister pair of Anatolian x Great Pyrenees dogs. Both are spayed/neutered and in good health.
They have been raised with sheep and are friendly with people however they are looking for a home where they are not required to live with the sheep.
They would make good companion dogs and would be good as family/property/farm guardians.
Their owners will take them to the shelter by the weekend if they are not able to place them in another home.

If you are able to help by fostering or are interested in adopting, please contact Allison at

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Aydin is a big, handsome pure bred (neutered) male Anatolian Shepherd Dog. He is 2 yrs old and in good health.
This boy is a real easy keeper---he's friendly with people, he adores children and is good with dogs of both genders.
Aydin is housebroken and walks on leash too.

Please let us know if you might be able to foster or if you're intersted in adoption!
We will halp with transport within appx 1,000 miles.

For more information on adoption or fostering, please email Carleen at