Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This handsome boy is appx 2-4 years old.
He stands 29" at the withers and is a skinny 90 pounds.

He is friendly with people and walks well on leash.
He does not seem to be dog aggressive.
He knows basic commands and is a generally calm, low key boy.

Friday, December 23, 2011



This is a good news/bad news posting.

The GOOD news is we were able to raise enough money
for Sugar to have surgery to repair her fractured pelvis.
She had surgery the day after Christmas and according to the vet,
the surgery was a success!!

The BAD news is that the foster mom that offered to take Sugar
after surgery backed out with no explanation or notice
so now we have nowhere for her to go.

Sugar is super sweet and friendly with people.
She's good with other dogs, too, both male and female.
She's doing great in her recovery, is putting on weight and
using her injured leg.
What a trooper she is, she remains happy and friendly and is
a smiler too !

She is currently in McAllen TX
We will help with transport within a 2 day drive.
If you might be able to foster Sugar
please email Janna for more info

Sugar was found near McAllen TX
 alone, injured, limping, exhausted and hungry.
She was lucky enough to be found by a local rescue person
who took her in and contacted us to see if we could help.

As soon as you look at Sugar you can tell she is injured. 
She cant put any weight on one of her back legs
You can see it is very hard for her to move.
The local rescuer who found Sugar
took her to the vet and had her xrayed.
The xray shows that Sugar has a fractured pelvis
and needs immediate surgery to repair it.

Estimated costs of surgery at Nolana Animal Hospital in McAllen TX  is
$1685.00 to $1885.00

We were able to raise enough money for her surgey.
She made it through surgery just fine and the vet said it was a success!
Thank you all so much for helping us to save this sweet girl!

For more information please email

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Flora is already spayed and neutered, wormed
and started on puppy vaccinations.

"FLORA" female

Flora is a happy, friendly and social pup.
Secure fencing is required
for adopting.


Monday, December 19, 2011


Bingo is a very handsome male Anatolian mix.
He was picked up as a stray and has landed in a shelter.
He is about 1-2 yrs old.
We have no background on him since he was a stray
but he seem like a sweet guy that is definitely worth saving.

Please email Dara for more info

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Meet Mr. Enzo!
He is a 5 year year old male
Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

Enzo is a lover.......
He gets along with all the other dogs he's met,
big or small, male or female.
He likes to run around and play with them from time to time
but for the most part he is pretty mellow
and likes to lay around and watch the world go by.

Enzo loves people.....
He is really an exceptional Anatolian Shepherd.
You don't often find one that is this loving with people and other dogs.
He's at that age where he is comfortable with himself
and knows exactly who he is and what his purpose in life is.
Which, of course, is watching over his family.
Now all we have to do is
FIND that family!!

Enzo requires a fence 5 ft or higher.

As always, we will help with transport
within appx 1000 miles.
For more info please email Janna


Layla is a very pretty 1 year old female
Anatolian Shepherd Dog - Great Pyrenees blend.
She's a big gal with a heart of gold.
Layla is a little timid
but is very, very sweet.
She is housebroken but needs some work on leash manners.
Layla is looking for either a foster or adoptive home

We will always do our best to help with transport
withing appx 1000 miles

For more info please email Janna


Thursday, December 1, 2011



Luke is a handsome Anatolian Shepherd x Great Pyrenees .
He is neutered and vetted.
Luke is good with female dogs but should probably be the only male dog in the household.
He is friendly with people, playful with the female Pyrenees in his foster home.
He seems to pretty much ignore cats.

This is a really nice boy!
We will do our best to help with transport
within appx 1000 miles


Please email Carey or Lisa for more info

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Please share and cross post to help Bo and Azar find rescue or a great new home and not have to go back to the shelter.

Azar and Bo -- Bonded lovebugs looking for a new lovenest

Azar (spayed 3-yo female on left) and Bo (neutered 5-yo male on right) are two bonded Anatolian Shepherd Crosses (guessing there is a lot of Great Pyrenees in them) who grew up on a ranch in South Routt County Colorado.

 They are incredibly sweet and loving dogs -- good temperaments toward people and they appear to have been well socialized -- and would like a foster or furever home together. They have been known to chase cars, so need a living situation where they can't engage in that. Bo has some difficulties with his hips due to an old injury, but the shelter put him on Rimadyl and he is doing much better.
The ideal situation for these two would be as family pets with a breed knowledgeable owner who has fenced yard that is higher than 4 ft. (Note -- the current 4 foot fence is not enough and the dogs can jump it, so they will need a taller and/or electric fence.)

If anyone can take these two lovebugs and give them a wonderful home or foster them for a rescue, please contact Jn Zirkel
Be prepared for lots of sloppy wet kisses from these two!

And their photo album here:  CLICK HERE


Oscar and Emily were born in June 2011 and are Anatolian / Great Pyrenees mixes.

Emily and Oscar are looking for new homes because their owner is reducing her goat herd. Oscar and Emily are neutered/spayed and would make great companion dogs. They are friendly with people, respect fence lines, and are not jumpers or diggers.

And did we mention how darn cute they are?

Although they have had early livestock guarding training with goats (and introduced to poultry), these puppies can only go to an experienced working home. They will need plenty of supervision and training to grow into trustworthy livestock guardian dogs.

For more info please email Carleen

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TRAPPER:  Young adult male, NOT doing well at boarding kennel. 
he has lost almost 10 pounds.  DESPERATE for foster or adoption!!
Dallas Fort Worth TX



We have had a flood of dogs coming in this week, especially in Texas, and we
do not have any foster homes available.
In addition to the 4 already listed as urgent, we have 2 more
coming in this week.

This is a list of our urgent dogs (in TX as well as other states) as of today
but the line up will change tomorrow with the addition
of  2-4 more dogs.

DYSON:  Young adult male, very depressed, NOT doing well in boarding kennel.
DESPERATELY needs foster or adoption!   Dallas Forth Worth TX

BRYNNER: 1 yo male; needs owner experienced with Anatolians or
other large breed dog.  He's a nice boy but hasnt been taught manners yet.
Dallas Fort Worth TX

SEPHORA:  Young female ASD x Pyrenees.  Sweet girl; has been
in the boarding kennel for a couple of months and could really use a foster home!
Dallas Fort Worth TX.

If you might be able to foster or are interested in adopting,
please contact Janna

Charlie is a 2 yo neutered male Anatolian Shepherd Dog cross.
He was adopted from a local shelter but was returned
when the family found out that he tested positive
for heartworms.
According to his vet, Charlie tested a low positive and is now
being treated with the slow kill method.
He does not have any of the symptoms and likely has a very low
infestation.  He should test negative within about 10 months.

Charlie is a very good natured dog, he is friendly with people
and is a big ol' couch potato.
Charlie gets along well with female dogs but has not
been evaluated with male dogs.

Charlie is looking for a loving adoptive home.
For more info please email Lisa or Carey

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kiz is a 2 yo female Anatolian who is in urgent need
of a foster or adoptive home.
Her owners no longer wanted her and were going to
"get rid" of her.
Fortunately a neighbor took her and their other dog in
but they are not able to keep them.

Kiz is very sweet, she is good with kids and other dogs.
She is in urgent need of a foster or adoption

Please email Dara for more info

Mali is a 2 yo pure bred neutered male Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
His owner decided they didnt want Mali or their other dog
and were going to "get rid" of them.
Fortunately a neighbor took both dogs in
to make sure nothing bad happened to them but
they are not able to keep them.

Mali loves children and he is good with other dogs.

If you might be able to foster or are
interested in adopting
please email Dara



Meet Higgins! 
He is a 3-4 year old neutered male Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
He is heartworm negative, fully vetted and in good health.
Higgins is good with female dogs and some male dogs.
He does prefer the ladies over the guys though.
He was dumped at the shelter by a person that said they found
him running loose as a stray.

We are seeking either a foster or adoptive home for him
as he is in a kennel situation right now and he would
be so much happier in a home setting.

For more info please email Jenny


Look at that smile!  You can just see his sweet personality
shining through.
Caspar is a 1 yo male roughcoat Anatolian or
Anatolian x Pyrenees cross.

He is a very friendly and easy going dog.  He is good with other dogs
both large and small,
male and female.

Please email Jenny for more info

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Do you love dogs? 
Wait, better yet, do you love Anatolians?
Do you like to hop in the car and take a short road trip now and then?
If so you may have the opportunity to combine your love of Anatolians
with your fondness of travel, "plus" being able to help a dog in need
all at the same time.

As many of you know, NASRN has relay transports running almost every weekend.
Almost all of our adoptions are long distance adoptions
so transports play a huge role in getting our dogs adopted and also sometimes to foster care.

We are in need of volunteer drivers to help these
dogs get to their foster or adoptive homes.

This is the way a relay transport works:
Our very talented Transport Coordinators,
Juliana Lipe and Beth Goldowitz,
plot the route in which the dog is going to travel to it's destination.
The trip is then broken down into "legs" or increments of
appx 50-100 miles.
They then send out the transport request to volunteers
that live along the route and also to the various rescue and transport
email lists.

Each driver will do their "leg" and hand the dog off to the next driver
at the pre-arranged time and place.
On average, a transport will have about 7 or 8 legs in one day.
All transports are arranged on the weekends.
The dog usually leaves bright and early on a Saturday morning, and,
depending on the length of the trip, will arrive
to their destination either Sat or Sunday evening.

I almost forgot, you can also write off some of your travel expenses as a donation!!
So, to recap, you will.....
meet some really great Anatolian Shepherd Dogs,
 help an abandoned dog get to its new home
and write some of it off of your taxes.
Doesnt get much better than that! 

Juliana and Beth would like to add your name
to their database!
If this sounds like something you would like to do
please email them at

Friday, November 4, 2011

Meet Sawyer!
He is a very handsome young neutered male Akbash Dog.
Sawyer's est DOB is June 2010.
He weighs 82 pounds right now but is still underweight
and he measures 28 inches at the withers.

Sawyer is a happy, friendly adolescent boy.
He will do best in a home with a canine companion that he can
play with and burn off energy.
Sawyer gets along with male and female dogs and
is good with large or small dogs.
He is also good with cats and children.

He is still just a big puppy and loves to chew so make sure
you pick up your shoes.
He has the typical characteristics of a flock guardian breed
as he loves to patrol the yard and keep an eye on things.

Sawyer is house broken and crate trained.
He is currently being fed a hypo-allergenic food as he
seems to have food allergies.
We will always do our best to help with transport within appx 1000 miles.
For more info
please email Carleen

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Daisy is a very pretty and sweet 6 year old spayed female Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
She was found tied up in the parking lot at a Taco Bell.
Her current owners adopted her from the person who rescued her but
they are moving and cannot take Daisy with them.

Daisy is good with other dogs of both genders,
and both big and small.
Daisy is good with cats and friendly with people.

Daisy would love to have a home where she will be a part of the family
and be inside with her people.

Please email Dara for more info


10 am to 5 pm

NASRN will be on hand with two of our dogs that are up for adoption,
Sephora and Cassidy.

Find all info about the event here:


Meet Cassidy!
She is a beautiful female Anatolian Shepherd Dog pup.
Her appx DOB is January 2011.

Cassidy somehow ended up being picked up as a stray and landed in
the local animal control kill shelter.
She is looking for a foster or adoptive home.

Cassidy is a very sweet and friendly pup.
She is good with other dogs, knows "sit" and "shake".
She is all puppy though, very playful and silly.
She loves attention and will pretend she is a lap dog if you let her.

As with most pups, Cassidy will require some basic obedience training.
She is heartworm negative and appears to be in good health.

You can meet Cassidy in person at the Citywide Pet Day
Nov 2 in Richardson TX

Please email Janna for more info

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Ty is an 8 yo Anatolian Shepherd x who's elderly owner passed away
and now Ty finds herself homeless.
She is a very sweet and loving girl.
Her house manners are impeccable, she is quite the lady!
She gets along with all of the other dogs in her foster home
and even though she is an older dog,
she finds delight in carry squeaky toys around and squeaking them.
She still has a lot of life left in her and is grateful
for any love and attention she receives.
For more info on Ty
please email Carleen 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Meet "GUINESS" !  He is a nine month old neutered male Anatolian Shepherd pup.
He weighs about 85 pounds right now and is still growing.  When fully mature, he will weigh over 100 lbs.
Guiness is a super sweet and friendly boy.  He is great with children and is good with other dogs too.
He is house broken and crate trained.   He walks well on leash too.

Guiness is looking for a companion home as he has never been tested with livestock.  He loves to chase after kitties so he will do best in a cat-less home.

We will always do our best to help with transport within appx 1000 miles.
For more information please email Carleen

Monday, October 24, 2011


Meet Dyson.
He is appx 3 yrs old Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
Poor Dyson has had a rough life which you can tell
by the sad and defeated look on his sweet face.

Dyson was picked up as a stray and landed in a kill shelter.
He is very underweight and is heartworm positive.
We are treating him with the slow kill method.

This sweet boy is in dire need of some TLC.
He is such a sweet guy and all he wants is to have someone love him.
Dyson seems to be good with other dogs and is
a calm and quiet dog.
He would LOVE to have a soft dog bed, regular meals
and someone to just be nice to him for a change.

We will always help with transport within appx 1000 miles.

For more info on Dyson please email Janna