Saturday, August 27, 2011


Sweet Miss Bailey is appx 10 months old
and she is the sweetest pup you could ever meet.
She loves everyone, both 2 legged and 4 legged.
She's good with other dogs and kids and has a very nice
Bailey is spayed, current on shots and in good health.

For more info please email Lisa or Carey

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Kibar is a 2 yo neutered male Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
For being so young, Kibar has apparently not had an easy life thus far.
We were told that his previous owner found him tied up and abandoned
in a parking lot.  
We found Kibar in a shelter where he was slated to be euthanized.
He was in pretty rough shape, very skinny, two teeth that needed to be pulled,
plus also had a growth on his leg.
He's been to the vet to have the teeth pulled and the growth removed.
We also had him xrayed bc we thought he might have hip problems.
Thats not the case, though, as his hips look good.
The vet feels he has had some sort of trauma though and has some
muscle atrophy, possibly due to being chained up or caged too much.
The vet feels that proper nutrition plus exercise may improve his condition.

Despite his past, Kibar holds no grudges and is a very friendly and easy going boy.
He is friendly with everyone he meets, both humans and dogs.
We have not evaluated him with cats.
He weighs 102 right now but is still rather skinny.
He is mostly housebroken and isnt too bad on a leash.

Kibar has had a rough life so far and we are hopeful that his life
is headed in a better direction now.
He's such a lovable guy!
He will make a wonderful companion and loyal friend.
We will always do our best to help with transport
within appx 1000 miles

Please email Carleen for more info

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pai is a very pretty 2 yo female Anatolian x Maremma cross.
Her owner bought her to be a working livestock guardian
however Pai prefers to be with people and wont stay in her pen
with the livestock.
Consequently she now lives on the end of a chain.
We are looking for a foster home or adoptive home for her
as she is not very happy being on a chain.

Pai is friendly with people and good with kids.
She's good with other dogs, cats and farm animals.

Please email Hether for more info

Friday, August 19, 2011

Elijah is a 1 yo male Anatolian Shepherd x Pyrenees cross.
He came into the shelter with a cable embedded into his neck.
The shelter sent him to the vet to have the cable removed
and the wound cleansed.
He is on antibiotics right now.
You cant really see in this picture but he is shaved around his neck.

Elijah is a very sweet boy who doesnt seem to hold
any grudges for whoever it was that did this to him.
He is happy and friendly,
he is good with other dogs.
We are seeking foster or adoption for this sweet baby!

Please email Janna for more info

Charlie is a 15 month old male Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
His owner was no longer able to keep him but we dont have any foster homes open
so Charlie is temporarily in a boarding kennel.

He is VERY sweet, loves to give kisses.
He is good with other dogs and other animals.
He's pretty skinny but is heartworm negative and current on shots.

He is in urgent need of foster or adoption ASAP
For more info please email Jenny


Bo and Zara's owner said his wife turned them into pets
and they didnt want to stay with the sheep
so he was going to shoot them.
Thankfully they contacted rescue first.
These two are very bonded and would do best if they could
stay together.

Bo is 5, neutered, current on shots.
He was hit by a car in the past and has some stiffness
in one of his hips.  He can still move freely but you can tell it hurts.

Zara is 3, spayed and current on shots.
Both are housebroken and walk on leash.
Both know basic commands,
are friendly with people, have been raised with older kids.
Both are good with cats.

Please email Dara for more info


Bear is a neutered male Anatolian or Akbash Dog
He is good with people and good with other dogs.
Bear is HW neg and in good health.
He is in urgent need of a foster or adoptive home ASAP
as his time is short.

Please email Janet Davis w/Akbash Rescue
Carleen Conyers
for more info

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Sephora is a very pretty young female Anatolian x Great Pyrenees cross.
We just pulled her from a kill shelter where she was slated for
Due to the fact that we have no open fosters in TX
she was sent to the boarding kennel.

Sephora is looking for a foster or adoption ASAP
She is friendly with people
and good with other dogs.
She is still very much a silly puppy
and has such a sweet and friendly personality.

As always we will help with transport
within appx 1000 miles

For more info please email Janna
Ella is a sweet and skinny 1 yo female
Anatolian x Pyrenees.
She was picked up as a stray and landed in the shelter.
She is friendly with people and good with other dogs.
For more information
please email Janna
 Sugar is a sweet girl who was pulled out of a kill shelter not too long ago.
She is a  very sweet, friendly and social pup.
Sugar will be a big girl.

Sugar is  looking for a loving home
and is available for adoption as a companion dog.
We will always do our best to help with transport
within appx 1000 miles

Please email Carleen for more info


Monday, August 15, 2011

"JERRY" (before)
Jerry is a 2 yo neutered male Komondor x Great Pyrenees cross.
This "before" picture was taken when he first came into the shelter.
Jerry has spent his entire life on the end of a chain.
He managed to escape a couple of times and was picked up by animal control.
Luckily for him, his owner didnt reclaim him this time
and we were able to pull him from the kill shelter.

He is a very sweet natured and friendly boy that loves people.

Jerry has had a haircut (see picture below)
and is now in foster care.

For more info please email Jody

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Buddy is about 2 yrs old, neutered, pure bred Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
He was just pulled from a high kill shelter where his owner
dumped him.
He is a very mild mannered dog, easy going and friendly.

Please email Jenny for more info

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jack is a 2 yo neutered male Akbash Dog
He was turned into the shelter when his owners separated.
Jack is good with dogs and good with children.
He is still very puppy-like and playful.
He gets along well with other dogs and would do well
in a home where he had a play mate.
He would probably be ok as the only dog, too,
and would do best in a home with no kitties.
He appears to be housebroken.

Please email Carleen if you are interested in helping

Thursday, August 4, 2011


This sweet girl is in immediate need of a foster home
She is young, appx 1 yr old

Please contact Carleen if you are interested in fostering her

Monday, August 1, 2011

Guthrie OK
Sargent's owner died in May of this year.  His owner's family
did not want him or his lifelong companion, a female Pyrenees.
Pyr rescue took the female and we took Sargent. 
Sargent is good with female dogs, we have not tested him with male dogs.
He is very sweet and friendly with people.
He is appx 4-5 yrs old, neutered and current on shots.
He keeps his kennel clean so we think he is housebroken.


Ruby is about 3 yrs old, she is sweet, friendly and
is looking for a foster or adoptive home.
She was pulled from a kill shelter after being found as a stray.
Her companion was adopted so now she is alone at the boarding kennel.
Ruby is good with other dogs and kids and is very friendly.
She is clean in her kennel and seems to be housebroken,
calm, walks nicely on leash!!


Kyz is a 7 yo spayed female red fawn Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
Her owners moved and decided they no longer wanted her or their male Anatolian, Target.
Again, we had no foster homes and she was threatening to take them to a shelter
so Kyz and Target are now in a boarding kennel too.

Kyz is probably in the worst shape of these three dogs, meaning
she is extremely distraught, confused and depressed.
We are very worried about her health and mental well being.
Her whole world has been turned upside down and she is
in pitiful shape.
Kyz is great with kids, friendly with people and good with other dogs.
She is housebroken and walks on leash.
A loving foster or adoptive home would be
SO wonderful for Kyz!
She is mellow and sweet, but oh-so-sad


Target came from the same home as Kyz and was dumped for the same reason.
No reason, really, its just that the dogs became an inconvenience for the family.
Target has infections in both of his ears and his owner said she was
"tired of him and his ears".
As if he purposely got his ears infected just to make her mad!
He is going to the vet this week for meds so he can start feeling better again.

                                          Target is confused, sad and depressed as well.
As with Kyz and Sargent, his world has been tuned upside down.
He is good with kids, friendly with people, good with other dogs.
housebroken, knows basic commands and walks on leash.
Target is 5 yrs old, neutered and current on shots.

share this with family, friends, co-workers,.....
anyone that might be interested in fostering or adopting
one of these wonderful dogs
who have been found themselves homeless and alone.

For more info
please email Carleen