Sunday, January 29, 2012


Barre is a 2 yo neutered male Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
He was turned into the shelter, along with 6 other dogs,
when his owner was no longer able to take care of them.

Barre is a very good natured and loving boy.
He is friendly with people and would very much love to have a person to bond with.
He is good with other dogs and has a very nice easy going personality.
Barre is in need of either a foster or adoptive home.

For more information please email Carleen

Bailey is a beautiful young spayed female
Anatolian Shepherd Dog mix.
Her estimated DOB is 11/15/10
Bailey is 25 inches at the shoulder and weighs
appx 75 lbs.
She is heartworm negative and fully vetted.

Bailey is good with male dogs and good with small dogs.
She has not bee evaluated with female dogs.
She is also good with kitties!
Bailey is house broken, friendly and playful.
She was found wandering, alone and likely dumped.
She is such a sweet girl, she really does deserve a loving home.

For more info please email Janna

Friday, January 27, 2012


Darla is a very sweet Anatolian Shepherd Dog
who is in desperate need of a foster or adoptive home.
She was dumped in the over night box at the shelter.
She is 29" at the shoulder and weighs a skinny 80 lbs.

Please email Hether for more info if you might be able to help 
this pretty girl

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beautiful 1 yo spayed female Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
Tyla is about 28 inches tall and is a think 88 pounds right now.
Hopefully she will put some weight on soon.
She seems to be good with other dogs however we do not know
how she would be with another female dog.
Sometimes Anatolians will not get along with dogs of same gender.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Zeus is a 1-2 year old
neutered male Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
As you can see he is very skinny but he will be a big boy
when he finally gets some meat on his bones.
He currently weighs 90 lbs.

Zeus is friendly with people and seems to ignore
the other dogs in the shelter.
We have not had the chance to evaluate him
outside of the shelter yet.
He is in urgent need of a foster home.
He is heartworm negative and will be fully vetted.

Please email Carleen for more info

Monday, January 16, 2012



This is Trapper.
We originally found this gentleman in a shelter in Austin TX
back in October, 2011.
We didn't have any open foster homes so
Trapper was transported to the kennel we use in the
Dallas/Ft Worth area.
That is where he still is today.

Poor Trapper is very sad and depressed.
When Tammy went to visit him the other day he put himself
between her and the kennel door to try to keep her from leaving.
He is a super sweet guy and really wants to bond with someone.

Trapper tested positive for heartworm and has been started on slow kill treatment.
He has a pea sized lump on his eye and also still needs to be neutered.
We have been trying to hold off on surgery, hoping to find a foster
so he didnt have to recover from surgery
in the kennel.

Its been 3 months now and Trapper really needs to get out of the kennel.
We will help with transport within 1000 miles.
He is very friendly with people
but he would probably do best as an only dog
unless you have the means to separate.

Please let us know if you might be able to help
Trapper get out of the kennel.
He has so much to offer if someone would just give him the chance.

Please email Carleen or Janna for more info


4 Little Girl pups looking for loving homes.
Anatolian Shepherd Dog crosses,
estimated DOB 10/30/11

For more info please email Carleen



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seven Hills OH
1 y/o neutered male
Anatolian Shepherd Dog


Bandit is a sweet heart.  
He likes to be active and play.  He does good with both male and female dogs. 
Although he hasn't hurt any cats he does like to chase them.  He loves to be outside and does well with a 4 foot fence.  
He doesn't bark excessively but will tell you when someone stops by.  
Bandit is house trained and does ok in a crate while no one is home.  He sleeps well on the floor next to our bed through the night.  
He does like to chew but has learned quickly to only chew on his toys so his forever home will need plenty of toys to chew on.  He warms up to everyone he meets and his innocence will steal your heart. 
 Bandit hasn't been around kids but has shown no sign of aggressiveness or sign that he would not do well with children. Although he is new to living in a house he is learning his manners quickly and is eager to please.  Bandit will make a great family dog and be a great addition to an active home.
For more info please email Jody

Saturday, January 14, 2012



Meet Agrius!
He is a 2 year old Anatolian Shepherd x Great Pyrenees cross.
Agrius is a very sweet natured and friendly boy.
He is good with other dogs of both genders
and is good with children as well.
He is housebroken and has nice house manners.
He is neutered and current on vaccinations.

Agrius will need a fence that is at least 5 ft tall.

Please email Carleen for more info

Friday, January 13, 2012


Abel is an Anatolian x Pyrenees cross puppy.
Estimated DOB:  October 14, 2011

He is happy, friendly and social with people and other dogs, 
however he is an alpha personality so he will do best in a home
with no other male dogs.
He is neutered,  up to date on vaccinations, worming and heartworm preventative.
He is a big puppy and will require lots of
training, guidance and supervision.

For more info please email Hether

Thursday, January 5, 2012

4/12/12:  UPDATE ON M.D.

Its been 3 months since I first posted a picture of MD to our blog.
He had lived his entire life outside, pretty much alone, 
and received just the bare minimum of care.....just enough to keep him alive.

As luck would have it, Pam and David, a couple that adopted an ASD from us,
happened to live nearby.  They wanted to meet MD and see if they could 
bring him home.
Well, it wasnt easy but Pam and David were able to load MD up and
take him home.
MD is not overly fond of their Anatolian, Spenser,  but 
Pam & David have learned the fine art of dog rotation and MD 
is living the good life now.  He gets to be in the house when he wants to, plus he has love 
and attention, not to mention good food and medical care.

The vet did some xrays on MD and said he had been hit by a car at some point.
It does not appear that he received any medical care to help him heal.
He was also shot and his front leg had been broken.
Again, no medical care.  But MD is a survivor and he has pulled through.
I think he must have known that Pam & David would be there someday to pull 
him out of the horrible place he had been stuck in for so long.

A lot of people have asked me whatever happened to MD
so I wanted to post this happy tails update ......

This is a picture of MD and his mom, Pam
I love how he has his paw on her.
You can be sure he's not going to let her go!

Thank you to Pam & David for being MD's Rescue Angels.

This is MD. 
He's been a faithful companion to his owner for 9 years.
He's lived outside all these years and never complained
or asked for more.
His coat is matted so badly that he's going to need to be shaved down.
Under all that hair are his ribs with no fat on them.
His owner has provided only the most minimal care for this boy
and, now that he is 9 years old, has decided its time for him to go.

Pyrenees rescue has been bringing food to him
but they dont have any open foster homes.
We are trying to find a warm place for MD to curl up
on a cushy dog bed and have enough food in his tummy
to quiet the empty rumbling.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This handsome boy is a 1 year old
Anatolian Shepherd Dog x Great Pyrenees cross.
He is friendly with people and good with
other large dogs.

He is in urgent need of foster or adoption
Please email Janna for more info

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Back in October 2011, we pulled a very sad, skinny and old looking dog from a shelter
in California.  She looked like she had pretty much given up on life.
Her owner had died and, by the shape she was in,
the owner had not taken good care of Ty for quite a long time.

Since being pulled from the shelter, Ty has had surgery to remove a large cyst on her hip
and she has received a lot of TLC and good food from her foster mom, Beth.
After her surgery, Ty was adopted by her new mom, Cathy.
This is a picture of Ty now.  There's a sparkle in her eye and I really think I can see her smiling.

Ty doesnt even seem like the same dog we found in the shelter.
There's a spring in her step and she loves to play with her new best friend, Lucky Dog.

A huge THANK YOU to all of the folks that helped Ty
have this second chance in life. 

Lets hope 2012 brings many more
to dogs like Ty.