Wednesday, July 13, 2016


10th Annual Ranger Memorial
July 13-August 3, 2016

The 10th Annual Ranger Memorial Fundraiser.  Each donation is matched, dollar for dollar, by an anonymous donor.  If you donate $1 it becomes $2. 
No donation is too small!  Any donation of $1 or more will be doubled by our donor over the course of the next 21 days.

July 12 through August 3rd, 2016

This year marks NASRN’s 16th year as an organization.  To date, we have rescued 1518 dogs.   
NASRN exists solely on donations.  Most adoption fees do not cover what we have spent on the dogs so we rely on donations to keep us going.
We are not funded by any government or private entities.  We are not funded by any clubs or other organizations.
Each time we save a dog, it is because of you and your donations.  Without your support, NASRN would cease to exist.
The Ranger Memorial is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  The funds raised over the course of the next three weeks will help us to pay our bills for the next 12 months.

You can donate via Paypal  using email address NASRN@NASRN.COM   
(NOTE: If you have the option to send as “Friends and Family” Paypal won’t charge us a transaction fee.)

You can also mail a check to us at:
PO Box 13667
Mesa AZ  85216

We have no paid administration and no overhead expenses.  
All money goes directly to the dogs to pay for boarding, vet bills,
medicine, food, etc.  Vetting and boarding are by far our largest
NOTE: All donations are tax deductible.


QUESTIONS:  Please email us at NASRN@NASRN.COM

Friday, May 6, 2016

Please Submit your Pictures for the NASRN 2017 Calendar

Its that time of year again where we start asking you to get your cameras out and start snapping pictures of your Anatolian for the 2017 NASRN Calendar.
The pictures just keep getting better each year and we are really looking forward to what this next year will bring.   Information on rules and guidelines for submissions are listed below.

Annual calendar sales is one of our biggest fundraisers and we depend on YOU to send us your great doggy pics in order to make this happen!



  •  Please check FILE SIZE before submitting.
  • Please be sure to send in LARGE file and do not crop or re size. 
  • Minimum dimensions are 1200 x 1600.

When taking pictures be sure to have your camera set to high resolution and make sure you send the picture in the largest file possible.  
So many great pictures are excluded because they are not in a large enough file.  
Pictures in small files will not print well and will be blurry and fuzzy.

Please email all pictures to
 Carleen at  
Be sure to include your dog's name when you send in your pictures!!

We're always looking for:
  • Working dog pictures
  • Holiday pictures
  • Up close face/head shots...we love it when your dog is looking us straight in the eye!
  • Nature/outdoor pictures

  • Pictures with humans....this is a dog calendar
  • Yellow "flash" eyes.  Try to take your pictures flash free!!
  • Cluttered don't want to see dirty clothes, dishes, garbage, etc in the background
  • Out of focus photos
  • Costumes
  • Low resolution/small file.   Minimum requirement is 1200 x 1600
Pictures are chosen for
  • clarity
  • centering
  • pose
  • size for reproducibility/printing

I've copied/pasted an article below with tips on taking great pictures of your pets.

  • Get your pet to look at the camera, preferably at eye level.
  • Try to shoot in natural light instead of relying on your flash.
  • Avoid heavily cluttered backgrounds; you want the focus to be your pet.
  • Beware of shooting in direct sunlight as it increases shadows.
  • If your pet is dark colored, take the photo in front of a lighter background.
  • If your pet is light colored, take the photo in front of a darker background.
  • You can better your chances of capturing a calendar spot if you take photos of your pet that represent different seasons.
Sam and Lilly

TIP #1:  Be flash free
Turn off the flash on your camera.  You don't need it and it flat-out ruins an image.  Freeing yourself from on-camera flash photography is the best thing you can do to create better images.  How, you ask, does a person capture their dog in a dark living room at night?  The simple answer is:  do not take pictures of your do in a dark living room at night.
We're talking about pictures you actually want to display, email to friends or enter in a calendar contest.
Wait for daylight and go outside where flash isn't needed anyway.  When you head outside, look for open shade.  A great spot is under a tree with just a bit of reflected light coming in an an angle.  Direct sunlight causes animals to squint, in addition to washing out their beautiful fur color.  Early morning hours or sunset are great times for pet portraits in beautiful light.
TIP # 2:  Turn to Treats
If your pet is treat motivated, picture taking time is perfect for bringing out favorite treats.  It's best to have a helper who can hold the treat above your pet's nose and drop it to the floor right before you snap the shutter--this will help ensure your pet is looking directly toward the camera when the picture is being taken.  A favorite squeaky toy can also do the trick for getting that "tilted head" that is so cute.
If you're looking for action shots. a tennis ball is a terrific prop.  Have your "assistant" throw the ball directly in front of your camera a few feet then get ready and get low.  As our pet comes rushing toward you, snap the shutter  making sure your camera is on a high shutter speed to freeze the action.
Most cameras have a "Shutter Priority" mode meaning you can set the shutter speed manually and the camera will adjust the f-stop.  On many cameras it is represented by a "T" on the mode dial.  I like 1/1500 of a second or higher when capturing action.
TIP #3:  Look Toward The Light
If you have your heart set on taking your pet's picture inside, choose a north facing window.  Window light is the best for capturing animals and people during daylight hours.  Make sure your flash is off.  Have your pet sit as close to the window as possible.  Sometimes moving their doggy bed to that spot will help.  Play the "treat game" and I think you'll be pleased with the images you take with just the available light.

For outdoor pictures the best lighting is in the morning and in the evening when the sun is lower in the sky.
Please send all submissions to Carleen:

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My shelter mug shot


Meet Gaia! She is a 6.5 year old female Anatolian Shepherd Dog who was likely used as a breeding dog for most of her life.
Lucky for her, she somehow ended up in a shelter and that is where we found her and her life started to get better.
Gaia was pregnant when we pulled her from the shelter. She gave birth to 4 healthy pups who have all been adopted.
Now it's time to get Gaia healthy. Her former "owner" never bothered to seek medical care for her chronic ear infections. This poor girl has surely suffered for years with painful ears.
One of her ears has cleared up, however, the other ear has a ruptured ear drum and a severe infection in the middle ear. Two types of very resistant bacteria were found.
The surgeon recommends an ear ablation on this ear.
Which brings us around to this fundraiser.
Gaia's ear ablation surgery will cost $2,000. We are hoping to raise enough money to pay for her surgery so she will no longer be in pain.
NASRN is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and all donations are tax deductible.
You can donate via our Paypal button on our website
Or you can mail a check to us at:
PO Box 13667
Mesa, AZ 85216

Me on my Freedom Ride

Me and my babies

Me and a super sized treat

Me, snoozing